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Liberty Wire & Cable Launches ‘Cherry-Picking Initiative’

Colorado Springs, CO — Liberty Wire & Cable’s new Cherry-Picking Initiative has been created to provide better options to help commercial and residential installers and other customers through tough times in the economy.

Liberty’s initiative is designed to protect and preserve installers’ businesses by encouraging and helping them select from more than 7,000 SKUs. With so many items to “cherry pick” among, and assistance available from Liberty’s technical specialists, the company says it can provide a valuable alternative to allocating precious capital to maintain high inventory levels. Customers can, in effect, just use Liberty’s warehouses as their own, selecting what they need when they need it, knowing that Liberty’s delivery services are swift and reliable.

“Given the dynamics of today’s economy, we know cherry-picking products is a must-do procedure for every professional AV customer,” said Kirk Horlbeck, Liberty’s senior vice president of marketing. “That’s why Liberty wants to be the first stop on our customers’ cherry-pick list. As professionals shop around for bargains, we know they will inevitably focus on Liberty for our quality, performance, and economy.”