Luxul Switches Now Support WyreStorm’s NetworkHD

Luxul’s AV Series Devices Now Compaitble with AV-over-IP System
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WyreStorm has announced that Luxul has joined the list of networking equipment manufacturers that support its NetworkHD AV-over-IP system. 

With more than three years experience as an AV-over-IP manufacturer, WyreStorm’s NetworkHD line utilizes JPEG2000 and H.264 platforms for low-latency or low-bandwidth distribution of both 2K and 4K video, audio, and power for commercial and residential applications.

Luxul switches offering support for WyreStorm NetworkHD include the AMS-2624P, AMS-1208P, and AMS-4424P models—all part of Luxul's "AV Series" and purpose-built for use with AV equipment. 

Luxul’s AV Series switches feature rear panel ports and front facing LEDs for clean integration with AV rack systems, while also offering user selectable blue/green LEDs that allow for consistency with other rack mount equipment. Also supported is the XMS-2624P, which offers a traditional front-facing port alternative.

“NetworkHD is the most powerful, innovative, yet simplest line of AV-over-IP products on the market today and it is important that our switch manufacturer partners are as well,” said James Meredith, NetworkHD and Enado product manager, WyreStorm. “Luxul’s line of AV switches offer the flexibility, simplicity, and reliability we value so highly in our own products, with a good example being how their simple web-based tick box configuration enables a system to be set up in seconds. When integrating with NetworkHD, our auto-discovery function means that for integrators the attachment of all components in a system is almost plug and play and they’re done.”

“Luxul and WyreStorm have a fantastic long-standing partnership working together to help integrators deliver a better AV-over-IP experience,” said Clark Roundy, Luxul VP of marketing and product management. “We’re excited that our high-performance switches are now fully supported as part of the NetworkHD family and look forward to working even more closely with WyreStorm to benefit integrators and customers alike.”