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Mozaex Launches New Online Music Store, BLUWAVS Music

Mozaex, the manufacturer of multi-room, multi-media Blu-ray entertainment servers and 7.1 HD Headphones, has launched a new online CD quality music store called BLUWAVS Music.

Mozaex, the manufacturer of multi-room, multi-media Blu-ray entertainment servers and 7.1 HD Headphones, has launched a new online CD quality music store called BLUWAVS Music.

The company demonstrated BLUWAVS Music, BLUWAVS 7.1 Headphones, and its entire product line of Blu-ray Entertainment Servers at the recent 2013 CEDIA EXPO.

“I am thrilled to see that Mozaex is leading the way to what will hopefully become a renaissance in the appreciation and demand of high quality music,” said Mozaex CEO Douglas Kihm. “A majority of the more than 500 million people who listen to iTunes, MP3, and other digital music have no idea how much better CD quality music sounds. With more than 600,000 CD quality albums to download or stream, BLUWAVS Music is the first store to combine the convenience and selection of iTunes with the quality of CDs. BLUWAVS Music is truly how music was meant to sound.”

According to Kihm, when it comes to music, people want the best of all worlds. “Until now music lovers had to compromise quality, selection, convenience, or music player compatibility. BLUWAVS Music offers for the first time a convenient way to download and playor instantly stream virtually any album in their original CD quality on any device.”

Kihm added that BLUWAVS Music eliminates the hassle of buying and ripping physical CDs into a higher quality format such as FLAC, ALAC or WAV. “We have made BLUWAVS Music easy to use and compatible with virtually every music device includingiPhone, iPAD, Apple TV, Android phones and tablets, SONOS, ROKU, OPPO, Astell & Kern plus Media Servers, Windows PCs, and Apple MACs.”

With more than 600,000 CD quality albums to choose from, the user can select one or more high-res formats, namely FLAC, ALAC, or WAV. They may also choose to have the CD disc shipped to them in the U.S. or Canada. If the album is not immediately available for downloading, then they will be notified when the album is available, which averages two to three days.

All three audio file formats are digitized at the album’s original mastered sample rate. All current albums are sampled at 44kHz/16 bits or “CD quality”. Future “Master Studio quality” albums are being planned for release with both two channel stereo and 5.1 channels of audio sampled at 96kHz/24 bits.

The average “CD quality” music sample bit rate equates to 1.4Mbps.CD quality songs played at 1.4Mbps have a music bit rate that is on average four to five times that of MP3 or iTunes “AAC” songs which are typically played at a sample bit rate between 250Kbps to 320Kbps.

“What’s nice about BLUWAVS Music is that you can generally hear the improved CD quality compared to MP3 or iTunes when played on virtually any music player and a better than average pair of headphones or speakers,” added Kihm. “Virtually every domestic or international album that has been released is available in CD quality. If we don’t have it we will try and get it for you.”

Mozaex also offers 3rd party Android and iPhone Apps to stream your music directly from Google Drive.

“To meet the needs of the music aficionado who would prefer to have their dealer setup their home audio system with BLUWAVS Music, we are also making BLUWAVS Music available via Mozaex’s network of 15 international distributors and more than 750 dealers in 27 countries,” Kihm explained. “Authorized Mozaex dealers may sign up to the BLUWAVS Music affiliate program in the Mozaex dealer portal.”

The BLUWAVS Music store will soon be accessible on the company’s media servers and may be played on the company’s BLUWAVS FIJI 7.1 HD Audio Headphones. BLUWAVS are the first headphones to deliverdiscrete 7.1 HD Audio via an HDMI headphone receiver called the Blender.

BLUWAVS Music store is live and available at: