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Original Paradigm Co-Founder Purchases Paradigm, Anthem, and MartinLogan

Scott Bagby and John Bagby secure 100 percent interest in the three audio brands.

Scott Bagby and John Bagby have announced the successful purchase of Paradigm Electronics, Anthem Electronics, and MartinLogan Loudspeakers, effective May 10, 2019.

Scott Bagby, one of the original founders of Paradigm Electronics, continues as chairman and assumes the role of CEO. John Bagby, who has been active in many areas in the business over the last several years, takes on the role of managing director.

Paradigm, Anthem, and MartinLogan are have a history of quality products and a commitment to the industry. Industry partners across all three brands can expect a renewed commitment on ease of doing business, focusing on enhanced training and support.

In 2005, Shoreview Industries, a private equity firm out of Minneapolis, acquired a controlling interest in Paradigm with Scott continuing with a minority position. Together they created SVI Holdings, which then acquired MartinLogan Loudspeakers a short time later. With the purchase of the three brands completed last week, Shoreview Industries has exited the business.