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Panasonic Forms Projector Branch

Panasonic Corporation of North America has formed a new unit company, Panasonic Projector Systems Company, to serve the U.S. projector market.

Secaucus, NJ–Panasonic Corporation of North America has formed a new unit company–Panasonic Projector Systems Company–to meet the growing customer needs of key U.S. projector market segments. The new firm, located in Secaucus, New Jersey, will be headed by its president, Thomas Zitelli, formerly director of the Information Systems Group of Panasonic Systems Solutions Company.

“The Panasonic Projector Systems Company looks to bring new resources and ideas together–from product and marketing, to sales and service–to meet the special needs of projector customers,” said Mr. Zitelli. “Panasonic is engaging users in the environments in which they operate, learning more about their business requirements, and delivering tailored solutions to those unique market segments.”

According to Mr. Zitelli, the company will focus its efforts on key market segments, to include: business and industry, government, and higher education, among others. The company offers a broad line of DLP and LCD-based products–from home theater and mobile projectors, to fixed installation units and large venue projectors–that boast superior picture quality and high contrast ratios. In short, says Mr. Zitelli, the new company looks to offer “specific products for specific industries and applications, all with a low total cost of ownership.”

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