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Pioneer Elite Partners with Savant

Every Pioneer Elite receiver integrates within a Savant automation system.

Pioneer Elite has announced a strategic, long-term partnership with Savant that will provide Savant integration professionals with the audio and video solutions they need to satisfy the premium whole-house entertainment needs of every client. Elite audio/video receivers (AVRs) are available to Savant customers immediately.

Pioneer Elite Partners with Savant

“I have a personal and professional connection with the Pioneer brand, having experienced their quality and innovation firsthand,” says Steve Silberman, product category director for Savant. “From my early days with the venerable SA-8500 integrated amplifier to working closely with Pioneer on cutting-edge DVD transport technology, I have seen their commitment to excellence and innovation in action. Today, under the stewardship of Premium Audio Company, Pioneer continues to build on its legacy with cutting-edge value-oriented technology.”

“Thanks to our hands-on profile development, I am particularly excited to see the Pioneer Elite receivers seamlessly integrate into the Savant system,” Silberman continues. Every Pioneer Elite receiver works flawlessly within a Savant system. Elite AVRs sold through Savant will carry an exclusive five-year warranty, an increase over the industry standard three-year warranty.

In 2021, Elite introduced three new AVRs into the market that will be added to Savant’s portfolio — the Elite VSX-LX505 and Elite VSX-LX305 9.2 channel network receivers and the Elite VSX-LX105 7.2-channel network receiver. Each AVR is equipped with CI features such as wireless room correction via Dirac Live, browser-based web setup, on-board HDMI diagnostic utilities, and remote monitoring.

Additionally, Savant will carry Elite’s recently announced flagship AVR, the Elite VSX-LX805 11.4 150 watt-per-channel network receiver. It features all-new reference high-power amplifiers, premium audio processing, networked streaming playback capabilities, advanced connectivity, and highly sought-after custom integration tools.

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