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Platinum Tools’ All-In-One Modular Plug Crimp Tool

Moorpark, CA — Platinum Tools has introduced the All-In-One Modular Plug Crimp Tool (P/N: 12503), which is shipping with an MSRP of $29.95. The All-In-One is designed for a broad range of telecom and network, security, residential structured wiring, whole-house and custom install AV, and professional and commercial AV applications.

According Platinum Tools Inc. president and general manager, Lee Sachs, the tool combines a rugged design with the convenience of terminating all popular plug configurations used in voice, data, and AV installations. “The All-In-One tool is a necessity for voice, data, and AV installers,” Sachs said. “This comprehensive, precision tool not only terminates a wide range of plugs and strips a broad range of cables, it replaces up to five other tools. The All-In-One cuts costs and eliminates the annoyance of never having the right tool for the task.”

Steel framed with PVC handles and rust-resistant black oxide finish, the lightweight (12oz.) All-In-One terminates RJ45, RJ11/12, and RJ22 (handset) plugs to solid or stranded cable from most manufacturers, including RJ 45 – Cat-3/5/5e/6 (8p8c); keyed and non-keyed; RJ12 – 6p6c; RJ11 – 6p4c/6p2c; and RJ22 (handset) – 4p4c/4p2c.

“Three separate crimp cavities (4-, 6-, and 8-position) are designed to provide precise, repeatable, and reliable terminations,” Sachs added. “The All-In-One’s ratcheting mechanism guarantees optimal pressure is applied so the contacts are seated to the correct depth and its vertical action assures all contacts are seated to the same depth providing an FCC compliant termination. In addition, replaceable cutting blades (P/N: 12503BL-C) allow the user to strip round (Cat 3-6) and flat (silver satin) cables. This is a must have for the discerning installer and technician.”

For more information on the All-In-One and Platinum Tools’ complete product line, visit, call 800.749.5783, or e-mail [email protected].