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Platinum Tools Launches 9-Inch Ergo Crimp Tool

Platinum Tools has launched the 9-Inch Ergo Crimp Tool, a "next generation of crimp tool technology designed around the user," explained John Phillips, Platinum Tools product manager.

Platinum Tools has launched the 9-Inch Ergo Crimp Tool, a “next generation of crimp tool technology designed around the user,” explained John Phillips, Platinum Tools product manager. “We’ve made crimping even easier and more comfortable. The ‘straight plate’ lower jaw assembly eliminates critical structural stress points, common in most competitive tools…it will not break under heavy stress and will last for years to come.” 

 9-Inch Ergo Crimp Tool

The 9-Inch Ergo Crimp Tool is now shipping with an suggested retail price of $39.95.

Additional specifications include crimps insulated terminals to 10 AWG and non-insulated terminals to 8 AWG and a variety of crimp dies available for CATV F,BNC, TNC, SMB, SMA and N series coaxial connectors. The new Ergo Crimp Tool also includes a reduced handle grip distance that makes it ideal for all hand sizes and allows for prolonged, comfortable use. 

“The new 9-inch Ergo Crimp Tool is available with a number of tool and die specifications allowing it to work with a number of cable types, crimp types and sizes, and connector types,” Phillips added. “Custom dies are also available. Higher performance, reliability, versatility, and comfort. It’s all here.”