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ProjX360 Project Management Software Releases Version 3 Update

New version features an updated user interface and a new back-end that will serve as the foundation for upcoming feature enhancements.

ProjX360 has announced today the release of V3. This major update includes a new user interface and a complete back-end overhaul that brings the software abreast of the latest technology in software design and paves the way for planned feature updates.

ProjX360 V3

V3 migrates ProjX360 to the latest L.A.M.P. technology stack popular in today’s web platforms, which is known for its ability to process complex data in real time. It’s a bundle of four different software technologies — Linux operating system, Apache web server, MySQL database server, and the PHP programming language. The technology is not only more efficient, it’s more stable, secure, and flexible, according to the company.

“We’ve been working hard for the last two years rewriting our software code to be on the latest L.A.M.P. platform and are thrilled to begin rolling it out to customers later this month. There will be no learning curve, as the general flow and functionality remain the same. Where there are changes, the improvements are intuitive,” says ProjX360 owner Doug Greenwald.

In V3, ProjX360’s UI has been updated to a “flat” design, a popular streamlined style of interface design that emphasizes minimalist use of simple elements, typography, and flat colors. ProjX360 has also added new elements to the interface such as a new three-dot menu, new data tables for Sales CRM, and easier data entering/editing via a drawer format that allows users to edit multiple fields at once, saving button presses and time. The Calendar format has also been improved and can now be viewed inside the Client view or Project view.

While V3 does not include major feature updates, it builds a strong foundation upon which all upcoming feature updates will be built, including a big update to ProjX360’s Proposal capabilities and Invoicing enhancements. Existing users can expect to receive information soon on what to expect as the phased V3 rollout begins.

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