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Proximity-Based Door Trigger Wins 2017 Z-Wave Labs Competition

The Z-Wave Alliance has named the Z-Wave Labs Q3 winner for its IoT startup competition.

The Z-Wave Alliance has named the Z-Wave Labs Q3 winner for its IoT startup competition. The ProxDoor by W Cubed is the newest winner of the Z-Wave contest and will receive Z-Wave Alliance membership and access to the new Z-Wave IoT ready 500 series development kits.

The ProxDoor is an automatic door trigger that senses when you leave and approach and then automatically locks or unlocks the door. The user defines the action and door, so when the ProxDoor transmitter comes within or leaves the specified range of the ProxDoor receiver, one or more door locks will automatically be triggered. The transmitter can be mounted in a vehicle or a bicycle, or even worn on the user for worry-free locking and unlocking of the home without fumbling for keys or remembering an access code. 

“The ProxDoor shows the true innovation in smart home products,” said Mitchell Klein, executive director of the Z-Wave Alliance. “From safety to convenience, this device presents a variety of use cases that are helpful to consumers without being complicated.”

The proximity sensor market is growing rapidly as IoT infiltrates industrial and automotive markets, but is in the early stages of growth for residential. According to Markets and Markets, the proximity sensor market will be worth $3.7 billion by 2020 across industries such as automotive, home, and building automation and aerospace and defense.

“Being familiar with Z-Wave technology, we realized that it is the natural choice of support for our product,” said Brad Waite, co-founder of W-Cubed. “The addition of Z-Wave would be a great solution for the ProxDoor to allow users to control their Z-Wave door locks and garage doors.”

W Cubed expects to integrate Z-Wave technology and launch the ProxDoor in 2017.