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Pulse-Eight Group Acquires Gallo Acoustics

Major acquisition announced at CEDIA Expo

Pulse-Eight, a U.K.-based, global manufacturer of AV distribution products, is acquiring acclaimed loudspeaker producer Gallo Acoustics. Pulse-Eight (Booth 29091) and Gallo Acoustics (Booth 9018) are both exhibiting at CEDIA Expo.

Headquartered in Lanark, Scotland, Gallo Acoustics boasts a product range that spans applications in the custom install, smart home, commercial and Hi-Fi spaces. Its spherical design language and a vast range of colors and finishes make the brand instantly recognizable, and its focus on customer care and support has garnered successive Best Trade Supplier accolades and a nomination for a third at the upcoming CEDIA EMEA Awards in October.

“I’m extremely excited to welcome Gallo Acoustics into the fold. I’ve long held a desire to add a speaker brand to our portfolio, enhancing our pro-audio credentials and further boosting our investment in U.K.-based engineering,” said Pulse-Eight CEO Martin Ellis. “The acquisition of a dynamic, industry-recognized speaker brand and engineering team will help fuel our growth and expertise.”

“Joining the Pulse-Eight family provides Gallo Acoustics with the perfect platform from which to expand our product range and meet the global aspirations we have always had for our brand,” said Gallo Acoustics CEO David Baxter. “We couldn’t be more excited.”

Following the announcement, Gallo Acoustics CEO David Baxter becomes Design Director of the expanded Pulse-Eight group, with Gallo Commercial Director Colin Urie taking the role of Group Commercial Director. Gallo Acoustics will continue to operate from its current Lanark HQ.