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Research: MDUs, Home Builders, and Smart Home Technology

Parks Associates present a study done in cooperation with Hanley Wood and BUILDER Magazine.

Builders Smart Home Technology

Parks Associates has released a study, done in cooperation with Hanley Wood and BUILDER Magazine, called MDUs, Home Builders, and Smart Home Technology that assesses the current state of smart home implementation among U.S. builders of single-family and multifamily housing. This research focuses on value propositions for builders and buyers and delivers insights on the drivers and barriers, business models, technology strategies, procurement and production processes, sales and marketing, and value-chain partnerships that will deliver smart home solutions into new construction.

New residential properties provide a prime opportunity to incorporate smart home features from the ground up to increase home value, differentiate housing products, and create operational efficiencies for property managers.

Builders Smart Home Technology

Consumer interest in smart home products and services is driving innovation among leading home builders, who are crafting diverse strategies for leveraging smart home tech to enhance their brand, better serve lifestyle segments, and drive revenue.

Device makers and service providers looking to partner with home builders need to better understand builders’ unique history with technology products, economics and business models, production, and procurement processes. Home builders themselves need to understand where their industry’s mindset is as a whole.

Survey topics include:

  • Smart home device purchase and intention
  • Criteria for product selection
  • Drivers and barriers for investment in smart home technology
  • Business models for capturing value of investment
  • Product selection process and purchase considerations
  • Feature priorities by technology type
  • Procurement process, contract terms, production and installation requirements, and distribution preferences
  • Emerging technologies of interest
  • Pre-sale, onboarding, and post-sale considerations

Products covered include:

  • Major Appliances
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Smart Home Devices: Smart Door Locks, Thermostats, Lights, Cameras, etc.
  • Broadband Networking Hardware
  • Installation, White Glove, and Support Services for Smart Home Solutions

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