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Russound Adds Demos to Online Site

Russound has added four online demos to its growing lineup of online interactive product demos.

Newmarket, NH–Russound has added four online demos to its growing lineup of online interactive product demos to help industry professionals sell and educate consumers on Russound products. The four demos mimic live products and are available now on the Russound Web site. Two additional interactive demos will debut during the next two months.

“We want users to understand how simple our systems are to operate. The demo provides an audio and visual experience, just as if the products were installed in their home,” said Andrea Renz, director of marketing. “The online demos function like a real product.”

Using the Internet as a virtual showroom, visitors can select from a variety of system keypads, touchscreens and source equipment to better acquaint themselves with multiroom audio systems. Beyond traditional brochures and manuals that offer valuable communications, Russound demos provide a life-like interactive experience. Pressing buttons, changing sound settings and picking different source equipment are just a few of the demos’ features. Users can select music, radio stations and songs in a variety of different ways. Features such as raising and lowering volume, Do Not Disturb, Party Mode, and a multitude of other functions make for an engaging demonstration.

“With their mix of multimedia and functionality, these demos are very powerful marketing tools and an interesting way to look at real life products, in full working order from the convenience of your computer,” said Kim Cooper, multimedia designer.

The demos benefit the entire A/V industry in several ways. Russound can more effectively market complex products to a variety of audiences using the Internet. Russound’s Training Education and Certification (TEC) Department can use the interactive demos for training dealers remotely and in person without having to haul equipment when they travel. Dealers can use the demos to show consumers the benefits of multiroom audio via the Web, saving time and money. Customers and prospects can use the demos as a helpful resource for learning how the systems work and to experience their operation in advance of a purchase. This assists them in making educated purchases.

Currently, visitors to the Russound Web site test-drive demos for the UNO-TS2 Smart Color Touchscreen, SMS3 Smart Media Server, as well as the CAA66 and CAS44 Controller Amplifier systems. During the next few months, Russound will be rolling out new product demos for its award-winning, patented UNO-S2 Keypad and the soon-to-be released ComPoint Intercom System. As the number of demos on the Russound Web site increases, industry professionals can hold an entire Russound showroom in their laptop computer, giving them portable access to Russound multiroom audio products 24 hours a day.

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