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Vantage Fixture Alliance Adds QTL

Vantage's LHUMAN KolorTune Library now offers integration with QTL architectural LED lighting.

Legrand Vantage Lighting Alliance - QTL

Legrand’s lighting control brand Vantage has added QTL, formally Q-Tran, to its growing lighting fixture alliance. QTL has been a leading innovator in the architectural lighting industry for over 30 years. Established with a simple goal of providing a superior solution for powering low-voltage lighting, QTL provides high-quality linear LED light and power solutions. Joining the alliance ensures that the company’s lighting solutions pair seamlessly with Vantage’s lighting control to offer a comprehensive lighting design and user experience.

“The lighting process is one of partnership,” says Cindy Vera RedDoor, business development programs manager at QTL. “Joining the Vantage lighting fixture alliance ensures that designers and integrators not only can confidently select a high-quality lighting solution but also a high-quality control system that will bring to life the full and perfect vision of the project.”

The collaboration pairs QTL’s high-quality LED lighting solutions with Vantage’s LHUMAN Human Centric Lighting system. LHUMAN enables a wide selection of tunable fixtures to be used in a lighting system and provides the controllable profiles needed to create lighting scenes with precise color temperature, from fixture to fixture, for the task at hand — from productivity to relaxation or to replicate natural lighting indoors. With LHUMAN’s KolorTune tunable profiles, available within Vantage’s Design Center software, designers and integrators can provide clients with a smart lighting design where circadian cycles play out over the day. To create these profiles, Vantage performs a thorough analysis of the color-tuning ability of the lighting fixtures using professional metering equipment, which guarantees performance and ease of integration.

“We continue to realize Vantage’s mission of ensuring the greatest freedom of design by partnering with leading lighting manufacturers, so together, we can help customers realize their vision,” says Richard Laliberty, product marketing manager, shading and residential controls, Legrand North America. “QTL is a trusted manufacturer of LED architectural solutions that designers and integrators trust will work seamlessly with their Vantage control system.”

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