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Smart Home Adjacencies: Building the Ecosystem

New report from Parks Associates gives insight into expanding your business into other areas within the smart home.

The smart home is expanding beyond lights, locks, and thermostats to include new products such as smart beds, mirrors, and appliances. “Smart Home Adjacencies: Building the Ecosystem,” a new report from Parks Associates, examines how these devices and appliances address additional pain points in the home and enhance overall connected home experiences. The report also estimates the U.S. market size for these devices and appliances.

Key Topics

  • Next wave of emerging connected devices, such as smart beds, mirrors, vents and appliances and use cases
  • Primary pain points new devices address
  • Leading brands offering these devices
  • Estimated market size for devices and appliances

Data from this Report

  • 11 percent of U.S. broadband households reported owning a smart thermostat
  • 24 percent of consumers report some level of awareness of mattresses with built-in sensors
  • 12 percent of U.S. broadband households report owning a smart major appliance

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