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Sonance Joins SpringDeck Sales Platform

SpringDeck has added the Sonance product line to its sales platform.

SpringDeck has added the Sonance product line to its sales platform. Dealers will enjoy enhanced communication and insight into the product offerings, while allowing Sonance to measure the effectiveness of their marketing throughout the full spectrum of their dealer community.

“Having Sonance products available on SpringDeck will help expand awareness of our entire line of products past the traditional print and web channels, but more importantly, it will give us new perspective into the patterns and behaviors of dealers using Sonance collateral,” shared Jack Hill, Director of Marketing at Sonance. “For every large dealer we have there are five smaller dealers, and sometimes their voices don’t get heard. SpringDeck gives us a direct conduit to our smaller dealers, so we can see what marketing pieces they are using the most and communicate updates easily.”

When dealers use SpringDeck sales software, they can access the most current product content from Sonance and other top manufacturers from the SpringDeck Store. Dealers can create product libraries on the SpringDeck App showcasing their specific offerings and seamlessly pull up all product information, videos, and files needed during a sales presentations.

“We are very excited to have Sonance onboard,” said Ryan Sullivan, CEO of SpringDeck. “The SpringDeck App gives manufacturers the opportunity to be a part of the sales conversation by equipping dealers with the product content they need, when they need it. It is our vision to help Sonance and other manufacturers track how dealers are using their marketing information, so they can improve their content strategy and release the best possible product collateral.”

SpringDeck software tracks how dealers use the product information provided by manufacturers, and even how potential clients interact with sales collateral after the presentation is over. This helps shorten the sales process and gives both manufacturers and dealers the chance to fine­tune their marketing approach.

“Competitive brands are everywhere, and companies should be less worried about sharing space on SpringDeck, and more concerned about how their marketing collateral looks and their messaging,” said Hill. “This spotlights what collateral is more understandable and relatable from company to company. It is a fast track to honing your marketing materials because it serves as a giant comment box for you to see what is actually going with your product materials.”