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Sonos Product Catalog and Dealer-Specific Pricing Now in D-Tools Cloud

New availability provides Sonos product information to D-Tools Cloud users.

D-Tools, Inc. has announced that Sonos has joined the D-Tools i3 (Industry Information & Insight) Program. Sonos’s affiliation with D-Tools provides D-Tools Cloud users access to the company’s complete, detailed product specifications and access to dealer specific pricing, and related information for use in the sales, system design, documentation, and procurement of Sonos products for their client engagements.

The D-Tools i3 Program helps improve communication between manufacturers and dealers by providing access to accurate, up-to-date product specifications that are available to all D-Tools software users. As a D-Tools i3 partner, Sonos can help their dealers become more efficient through the use of D-Tools software while making it easy for their dealers to present their clients with the most complete information on Sonos products.

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