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SRS Labs Zones in On Set-top Boxes

The company has opened a new business unit to address the global demand for set-top boxes.

Santa Ana, CA–SRS Labs Inc., a leading provider of surround sound, audio and voice technologies, has formed a new business unit that will specifically focus on providing and developing solutions for STB (Set-Top Box) applications on worldwide basis. This is in a close partnership with leading MSOs (Multiple System Operators) and OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) worldwide and in continued cooperation with the leading IC vendors (NXP, STMicroelectronics, Broadcom, and Conexant) to integrate SRS technologies onto set-top boxes.

“We are excited about SRS Labs’ new STB direction as it greatly complements and further expands our long-term existing relationship,” said Philippe Lambinet, executive vice president, ST Home Entertainment Business Unit at STMicroelectronics. “SRS’ audio technologies bring unmatched audio quality for set-top boxes from a proven source and brand name that is globally recognized and respected. We are delighted to be one of the very first chip suppliers to offer SRS’ advanced audio technologies on our leading STB platforms marketed to customers worldwide. The strong market leadership, dedication and technological know-how of our two companies guarantees we’ll have a significant impact in the market.”

Currently, the STB market represents 130 million units and is expected to grow considerably by 2010. “The STB market is continuing to enjoy strong growth,” reports iSuppli in an October 2007 report. “OEM revenues and shipments will grow from $15.9 billion and 123.9 million units to $22.1 billion and 190.7 million units.”