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TCD Insights Provides Real-World Data for Manufacturers

Using data from The Cinema Designer, the TCD Insights report is a comprehensive appraisal of the industry.

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The Cinema Designer (TCD) has introduced its TCD Insights Report. The TCD Insights report is a comprehensive appraisal of the industry — specifically the audiovisual sector — that is available to industry manufacturers. For over six years, TCD has been the go-to tool for cinema design professionals, allowing them to create technically accurate designs in a matter of minutes. Since launch, some 7500 TCD users have created over 21,000 designs in TCD.

To ensure user anonymity, the TCD Insights team has conscientiously anonymized, cleaned, prepared, and analyzed the data, with the resulting TCD Insights Report providing the very best overview of the industry available.

This document provides data analysis of the most relevant and essential issues for the industry. Manufacturers can now make informed and strategic decisions based on real-world data, which has come directly from the coalface of the industry. The report boasts an abundance of international demographic, economic, and behavioral data, which will allow manufacturers to identify potential target markets, track market trends, and understand their customer preferences and behavior.

TCD Insights provides the only multi-year, technical analysis of trends from the custom install sector, which is an invaluable aid to manufacturers. They can be secure in the knowledge that their business decisions are based on reliable and relevant data, which allows them to control costs, invest wisely, and improve operational performance.

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“We gained more insights from TCD’s report than we could have imagined,” says Arnaud Laborie, founder and CEO of Trinnov. “The quality, variety, and level of detail in the data provided are unparalleled. I don’t think anything else comes remotely close to it. I can’t imagine a manufacturer involved in AV Entertainment that couldn’t extract valuable information from this goldmine of a report.

“The new analytical report provided by The Cinema Designer is an extremely powerful tool,” says Michael Johnson, global marketing director of Monitor Audio Group. “I’ve found the scope of the report and level of granular detail a real enabler for us — as an organization — to make more informed decisions about how we can approach our product development, training, and future opportunities. To innovate within this space, the TCD analytical report becomes invaluable.”

For more information about TCD Insights, contact [email protected].