TiO Launches Full Orange Belt Training Course

TiO Unveils Latest Course in Ninja Belt Training Module
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Anuva Automation, the Florida-based manufacturer of TiO (Turn it On) brand automation products, has released the full TiO Ninja Orange Belt Training module—the third level of the TiO Ninja Training Program.

The Ninja Orange Belt Training module is comprised of a one hour course highlighting the Art of TiO where skilled participants will study more about TiO’s outside-in philosophy and making TiO come alive to transform a home. Prerequisites for the Ninja Orange Belt Training entail the participant to have previously completed the Ninja White Belt Training (TiO Introduction) and Ninja Yellow Belt Training (TiO Essentials). The Ninja Orange Belt Training will further explain how to capture Moods, create Experiences and alter both aspects at any point while delivering systems designed to empower the end user to be in control.

“We are excited to unveil the third of five modules of the TiO Ninja Training Program to provide our dealers with the know how to efficiently program a system,” said Sanjay Patel, president of Anuva Automation. “While our system is easy to configure and integrate into any home, the Ninja Training provides valuable tips and tricks to get the most out of the system.”

“The third module of the TiO Ninja Training Program will help our dealers and end-users to further transform their home with our ‘Sophisticated Simplicity’ technology,” said Neil Grosse, technology support manager for TiO. “Within the multiple Ninja Training Programs, our dealers are able to learn more than just the basic setup of a TiO system. The program was designed with our dealers in mind to further explain the functionality and provide additional value to our technology.”

The Ninja Orange Belt Training follows the release of the Ninja Yellow Belt Training in August 2015, which prepares TiO ninja’s to install and configure basic TiO systems that include music, lighting and climate control. The next two belts in the Ninja program will focus on TiO Connect and advanced TiO Connect and will complete the training portion of the belt program. Dealers will be able to complete the final three belts in the program by reaching installation milestones. Once a dealer earns their Ninja Black Belt Training, they will earn national recognition at an annual awards dinner hosted by Anuva Automation.