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Top Blogs of 2018

A look at the 12 most-visited blogs of the year.

The end of the year is upon us! We hope you are enjoying the holiday season and are looking forward to successful 2019. In this special edition of the news, we take a look back at the most popular blogs of 2018. 

Will 2018 Finally Be the Year for 4K Broadcast TV Content?
By John Sciacca

4K Ultra HD Olympics Content with HDR Looked Spectacular, but I Want More of It

Spectrum Forces Digital Upgrade
By John Sciacca 

Lately, Many of the Communities in Our Area have been Getting Letters from Spectrum About an Impending Change of Service

Joe Whitaker Proves Valet Voice Control ‘Concept’ in Dallas Model Home
By Jeremy Glowacki

Realtors are Impressed with Technology That Embeds Amazon Echo Dots into In-Ceiling Speaker Brackets for Invisible Multiroom Audio Control

20 Years of Netflix, and I’m Still Getting Discs by Mail
By John Sciacca 
I’ve been a Netflix Disc Subscriber Since 1998. Here are the Reasons Why

Here’s What I Like and Don’t Like About My 4K Apple TV
By John Sciacca 

Last Week I Decided to Take the Plunge and Get a New Apple 4K TV, So I Could Speak More Intelligently About it with Customers

Why We Are Calling it Quits to Retail
By Heather L. Sidorowicz

Why we have decided to close our retail doors and go appointment-only.

These Two Products are My Get Out of Jail Free Cards on AV Installations
By Todd Anthony Puma

The Wolf Cinema ProScaler and Key Digital KD-HDFIX22 are the Two Most Recent Examples of Products That We Use to Get Out of Technology Jams on Projects

How I Take a $40,000 Budget and Turn It Into $150,000
By Todd Anthony Puma

I’ve Been Sending Clients to the Crestron Showroom, and the Results Have Been Amazing

OPPO Opts Out of Hardware Business
By Michael Heiss

How Does This Move Reflect the Long-Term Outlook for 4K UHD Optical Players and Physical Playback Media

2018 CEDIA Expo Wrap – Part 1
By John Sciacca 

Top trends and takeaways from San Diego, part 1.

Hands On with Rachio 3 + Wireless Flow Meter
By Henry Clifford

A review of the Rachio 3 irrigation controller and intelligent water flow sensor.

Hands On With AirPlay 2 and Sonos
By Henry Clifford

AirPlay 2 is now available, and it will change how your clients interact with their Sonos devices.