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Triad Launches First New Subwoofer Line in Eight Years

Portland, OR — Comprised of 10 InRoom, two InCeiling and two InWall Subwoofers and three RackAmps, Triad Speakers’ new subwoofer line employs DSP, empowering dealers to further fine-tune bass in client’s entertainment rooms. It is the company’s first new subwoofer line in eight years.

According to the company, the DSP along with new InCeiling designs incorporate features particularly suited to the guidelines set forth in CEA/CEDIA’s recent CEB22 Bulletin: “Home Theater Recommended Practice: Audio Design,” which states recommended subwoofer placement options and configurations.

“This is the most ambitious new product launch in Triad history,” said company founder and president Larry Pexton. “We are combining new amplifiers with new enclosures, new drivers, and DSP to substantially strengthen our subwoofer offerings.”

Integrated into Triad’s PlateAmps and RackAmps is a sophisticated DSP interface, that along with the provided microphone, is designed to measure low frequencies. The DSP identifies and corrects peaks and nulls, resulting in more uniform bass. Installers may also use a PC to further fine-tune the DSP or to create their own custom equalization.

Available in the company’s Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum levels, the InRoom Subs are sold either as powered subs with built-in DSP PlateAmps or as sub enclosures mated with outboard 300, 500, and 1,000 watt DSP RackAmps (either version offers identical performance and features). The Powered InRoom DSP Sub feature set and pricing is:

ModelDriverPowerMSRPInRoom Mini DSP Sub
8-inch300 watts
InRoom Bronze DSP Sub10-inch
300 watts
InRoom Silver DSP Sub12-inch
500 watts
InRoom Gold DSP Sub
1,000 watts
InRoom Platinum DSP Sub18-inch
1,000 watts

The InRoom DSP Sub models pickup the “sculpted lines” of the company’s recently redesigned InRoom Omni SE speakers. This industrial design features paintable metal grilles and is available in all Triad veneer and paint options including custom paint matching.

Making full use of the DSP RackAmp technology is the new InCeiling Mini/8 Sub, which utilizes a long excursion eight-inch woofer. The InCeiling Mini/8 Sub can be used singly or in pairs, with either the new RackAmp 300 DSP or the more powerful RackAmp 500 DSP. MSRP ranges from $1,300 to $2,000 depending upon configuration.

Mated to the RackAmp 300 DSP, Triad’s new InCeiling Bronze/10 Sub features a single long excursion 10-inch woofer. MSRP is set at $1,500.

Triad’s new InWall Silver/15 Sub combines a long excursion 12-inch woofer and a narrow 15-inch deep enclosure that fits into more wall spaces than its predecessor. Mated with the RackAmp 500 DSP, MSRP is set at $1,900.

Triad’s new InWall SlimSub/4 is a four-inch deep subwoofer that can be retrofitted into existing walls and features a flush grille. The InWall SlimSub/4 utilizes a proprietary 10-inch woofer and like all Triad subwoofers, features a fully engineered, sealed enclosure. The SlimSub can be used singly or in pairs, with either the RackAmp 300 DSP or more powerful RackAmp 500 DSP. MSRP ranges from $1,300 to $2,000 depending on configuration.

Triad’s new line of DSP subwoofers and amplifiers are manufactured entirely in North America and will be shipping to dealers beginning May 2009.