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Triad Speakers Expands Lyngdorf U.S. Distribution

The company will expand its distribution of Lyngdorf Audio products in the U.S. with the new D-1 multi-channel preamplifier.

Portland, OR–Larry Pexton, founder and president of custom loudspeaker solution manufacturer Triad Speakers, has announced that the company is expanding its distribution of Lyngdorf Audio product offerings in the US with the new D-1 multi-channel home theater preamplifier/processor with RoomPerfect digital room correction and TDA-2300 matching amplifier.

Earlier this year, Lyngdorf Audio–a Denmark-based manufacturer that specializes in high-performance audio technologies–appointed Triad as their exclusive distributor in the U.S.
Triad, whose product offerings consist of high-end in-wall, in-ceiling, in-room, and on-wall loudspeakers, seeks to capitalize its distribution network of more than 700 CEDIA dealers to market and sell these two new Lyngdorf home theater components.

Lyngdorf’s unique selling proposition is RoomPerfect, a Digital Signal Processing-based (DSP) room correction technology that greatly improves audio performance automatically by digitally correcting (calibrating) room-caused anomalies that would otherwise hinder sound quality.

According to Lyngdorf, RoomPerfect is distinctive among room correction systems; its proprietary technology ensures frequency response far superior to its competition; it also gives much higher freedom of speaker placement in the room.

The January 2008 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, represents the world premiere of the RoomPerfect technology in the home theater category; until this point the RoomPerfect technology was available solely in the company’s 2-channel (stereo) products.

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