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ELAC Releases Fashion-Conscious Bookshelf Speakers

Partners with fashion label Adsum to create the special edition Debut Connex speakers.

ELAC has announced a partnership with the Brooklyn-based fashion label Adsum, culminating in the creation of a special edition for the Debut ConneX bookshelf speakers. This collaboration infuses the Debut ConneX with a unique blend of minimalist design and high-fidelity audio. The result is a set of bookshelf speakers that offer the straightforward functionality and convenience of a soundbar while delivering the sound quality and visual appeal expected from top-tier powered speakers.

ELAC Debut ConneX Speaker

The collaboration between Adsum and ELAC transcends mere cosmetic changes; it represents a comprehensive redesign. Adsum spearheaded the transformation, introducing an exclusive tubular metal stand and magnetic detachable grilles. The design overhaul also features a modernized aesthetic with squared-off edges, freshly painted cabinets, and a bespoke remote control, complemented by custom-colored cables to complete the distinctive look.

The Debut ConneX were designed to be the ultimate audio companion for the space-conscious city dweller. Its array of inputs makes it adaptable for everything from cinematic viewing and video gaming to DJing and hosting last-minute gatherings. Compact enough to blend into any space, yet powerful enough to fill your apartment with rich, neighbor-rousing sound, it’s the ideal speaker set for the city lifestyle.

ELAC Debut Connex Speakers - front and back

Debut ConneX Designer Series Features:

  • HDMI ARC Support: Connect the HDMI ARC output from your compatible television and your TV’s remote control will now control the volume of the Debut ConneX speakers, simplifying operation.
  • Vinyl Support: The Debut ConneX speakers have a built-in phono stage, ensuring that almost any turntable can be connected and enjoyed. If you already have a dedicated phono pre-amp the built-in phono stage can be defeated with the flick of a switch.
  • USB Input: The USB connection on the Debut ConneX speakers delivers a digital connection to your PC so that all your music and movie content is not compromised. No drivers are necessary for both Windows and macOS and the volume of the speakers can now be controlled with the PC. High-resolution content up to 96 kHz/24-bit is supported.
  • Bluetooth Support with aptX: The Bluetooth receiver built-in to the speakers supports the aptX codec, allowing for CD-quality audio streaming from compatible smartphones, tablets, and computers. In conjunction with High-resolution streaming services such as Qobuz, Tidal, and Amazon Music HD, you can enjoy CD-quality music wirelessly.
  • Subwoofer Output: A dedicated subwoofer output allows for connection to a powered subwoofer, delivering improved bass response for both movies and music.

The new Debut ConneX Designer Series speakers (DCB41-DS) launch today for $649.98 exclusively at Crutchfield, B&H, and ELAC.COM.

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