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U.K. CI Firm Equippd Manages Large Project With Jetbuilt

British integrator uses Jetbuilt software to save time while doubling contract size.

Founded by brothers Charlie and Matthew McCourt in 2013, Equippd is a home technology integrator based in Surrey, U.K., dedicated to empowering homeowners, architects, and designers within the residential sphere to include the latest technology in their projects. Focused on bespoke integration, Equippd came across Jetbuilt’s software while attending the 2020 Integrated Systems Europe tradeshow in Barcelona. Jetbuilt enables companies of all types and sizes to take control of their pipeline and proposals through management tools designed specifically for AV and IT professionals.

Equippd is a U.K. custom integrator that used Jetbuilt to manage a large project

“We were looking for software to help us specify systems and track change orders throughout the lifetime of a project,” explains Charlie McCourt, founder of Equippd. “After years of building systems and pricing up opportunities in Excel, we wanted to find a tool that was less prone to human error and could save us time.”

Jetbuilt CEO, Paul Dexter remarks, “Companies sometimes incorrectly believe they need to be a large, multi-location operation to benefit from our dedicated project management software. In fact, high-end residential integrators, like Equippd, find enormous value in the Jetbuilt platform and save time and money through using it.”

Once Equippd made the decision to invest in the Jetbuilt software, the initial set up was surprisingly simple. As well as the initial onboarding service offered as part of the sign-up process, McCourt utilized the extensive tutorial videos offered online to fully understand the platform, and in turn, train the rest of the team on the new tools.

Specializing in residential technology integration, Equippd utilized the power of the Jetbuilt platform during a long-term residential project in the prestigious neighborhood of Fulham, West London. The client requested a full renovation, including a basement dig-out and fully connected environmental, entertainment, and security systems. Ordinarily, these kinds of integrations involve an enormous volume of paperwork. By using the Jetbuilt platform, Equippd could unify all project information in one place, easily accessible to the entire team.

Naturally, an integration project of this scope faces various challenges, namely frequent changes to the initial brief. The Jetbuilt platform enabled the Equippd team to stay on top of these changes. “The project had a great initial spec, but Jetbuilt has helped us almost double the size of the contract as well as capture and pass on expenses through the software’s Factor and Change Order features,” explains McCourt.

Harnessing the latest technology to streamline business operations and project management is of high value to companies of all sizes nowadays. When asked about the future, Equippd founder, Charlie McCourt comments, “Jetbuilt has been essential in growing a scalable specification system that new and existing staff members can be trained on. We would love Jetbuilt to provide more third-party integrations with leading accountancy and management software moving forward. As a company founder, I’m always looking for solutions that help us work more efficiently. Jetbuilt is one of the tools that help us deliver quality integrations consistently and on time.”

Indeed, Jetbuilt’s software is constantly evolving to the needs of the AV industry. “Learning from the real-life use cases of our clients is essential to our product roadmap,” explains Dexter. “The Jetbuilt platform is shaped through the feedback of our clients across all professions.”

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