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URC Assists Out-of-Work Installers

Harrison, NY — With economic conditions worsening, and major CE retailers and small CI firms alike shedding jobs, Universal Remote Control (URC) is doing what it can to help its out-of-work installers find new employment.

On its website, which is for URC dealers and installers only, the manufacturer this week launched a new forum called Hook Ups, which serves URC installers who have lost their jobs. In the Hook Ups forum, unemployed URC installers can network and exchange information with peers and potential employers about job opportunities. URC will also regularly post interviewing tips, advice on how to clean up a resume and general job hunting information to the forum.

URC emphasizes that the forum is for unemployed dealers and installers only. It will not host job-switching posts by currently employed installers looking for greener pastures. The Hook Ups forum’s “Rule of Conduct” precludes such posts, as well as posts from employment agencies or less savory firms who offer to distribute resumes.
Beyond the new forum, unemployed URC installers retain full access to the URC Control Room site, software downloads, training and all other amenities they enjoyed previously.

“We want our out-of-work installers to know that we still support them 100 percent,” said Jon Sienkiewicz, director of marketing for URC. “Our installers are intensely loyal and have ceaselessly evangelized our products and our brand to their customers and their employers. We want to be there to help them in their time of need.”