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Wisdom Audio to Debut New Drivers

The companys new PMDs will be featured at CEDIA EXPO 2007 in Denver.

Carson City, NV–Wisdom Audio will introduce its next generation planar magnetic, thin film drivers. The new drivers will be initially featured in Wisdoms new Sage Series speaker systems, which will be launched at the at the 2007 CEDIA Expo, held in Denver from Sept. 6-9 at the Colorado Convention Center, booth SR-12.

Our new planar magnetic drivers use costly rare earth or neodymium magnets, which provide a vastly stronger magnetic field than conventional magnets, while having to use fewer and smaller magnets to achieve this goal, said David Graebener, Wisdom Audio executive vice president. This vital difference yields a number of critical improvements over what was possible only a few years ago, including higher sensitivity, higher achievable SPLs at lower frequencies, reduced coloration, and controlled directivity. Advances in construction, such as utilizing latest generation thin film substrates and adhesive-less bonding processes, virtually eliminate heat induced failures allowing us to achieve lifelike dynamics and high broadband SPLs from compact drivers.

Planar magnetic driver technology offers significant benefits over traditional dynamic driver technologies, especially at all frequencies above the bass (where dynamic drivers still tend to make the most sense). PMDs provide superior detail, outstanding dynamic range, and controlled directivity as compared to alternative technologies, all of which add up to create a more consistent and realistic level of performance in the home.

Wisdom Audios thin film diaphragms are also pleated using a proprietary, high-pressure process that enhances thermodynamic stability while increasing its overall excursion capability, yielding unprecedented dynamic capabilities. These thin film diaphragms improve sensitivity while standing waves on the surface of the diaphragm are all but eliminated. As a result, these planar magnetic drivers manage to surpass other planar magnetic designs in both detail and dynamics.

Wisdom Audio has developed a number of planar magnetic technologies that fully capitalize on the strengths of PMDs while mitigating or even eliminating the few weaknesses, explained Mark Glazier, Wisdom Audio president. Designed for a high level of performance as an in-wall, on-wall, or in-room option, our proprietary next generation planar magnetic thin film drivers allows Wisdom to deliver a high performance planar magnetic/hybrid series of products that are designed in a narrow and shallow cabinet which has a small physical and visual footprint. These drivers yield effortless dynamic capability, clarity, low distortion, high achievable SPL range and extended high frequency response setting a new standard in architectural speaker solutions. These state of the art PMDs are ideal for any high performance speaker systemfreestanding or in-wall. While it is impossible to claim that any speaker is perfect, some do get significantly closer than othersand Wisdom Audios innovative transducer technology now leads the way.

Initially, Wisdom Audio will bring to market five Sage Series speaker configurations, ranging from 15 inches to 95 inches tall, each available as an in-wall, on-wall, or freestanding solution. Multiple center channels, a dual woofer in-wall sub enclosure, integrated Audyssey Laboratories room correction software, and dedicated electronics round out the new product offerings.