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WyreStorm Inaugural Distributor Conference Held at New Showroom in Barcelona

WyreStorm held its first annual distributor conference for WyreStorm sales partners at its new European showroom in Barcelona, Spain.

WyreStorm held its first annual distributor conference for WyreStorm sales partners at its new European showroom in Barcelona, Spain, a purpose-built showroom in the Catalan capital.

Completed just prior to the event, the showroom itself covers approximately 5,000 square feet and was designed to afford invited consultants, designers, specifiers, and key integrators from all across Europe the opportunity to view the full range of WyreStorm products in situ, including HDBaseT 4K class A, class B, and modular matrices and extenders, Enado and Enado Mini control, NetworkHD IP solutions, and the WyreStorm Express range.

“Barcelona is the perfect location to bring people together from across Europe, and the showroom is an ideal showpiece for our HDMI, HDBaseT, and HD-over-IP technology platforms to highlight our full product range from residential matrices, extenders, and Express products to our HD-over-IP and modular matrix solutions, installed in a variety of room sets throughout the facility,” said Adrian Ickeringill, WyreStorm EMEA general manager.

“The showroom gives customers, both existing and prospective, the chance to see firsthand how WyreStorm solutions are provided for different markets, to ask questions and learn more about products and their applications, and in doing so even further elevates WyreStorm as a credible manufacturer.”

Such an opportunity was not lost on the WyreStorm sales partners invited to attend their first distributor conference in May, with 35 delegates from 24 EMEA markets as far afield as Egypt, Israel, and South Africa attending two days of presentations, demonstrations, workshops, trainings, and product overviews, including the full WyreStorm 4K range, the new NetworkHD 100-Series, and 200-Series H.264 IP solutions.

“The success of this first distributor conference was evident in the eagerness of our sales partners to attend and desire to obtain real insight into WyreStorm’s plans for 2015 and product launches,” Ickeringill said. “Not only did it give us a chance to showcase technical developments with our range, but also an invaluable opportunity to listen to what is needed in our various markets. Perhaps even more importantly though, it created a network of distributor contacts who otherwise may never have met, to share their knowledge and experience, working together as one for a common goal.”