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Xperinet Launches 1080p HD Product Line

The manufacturers MIRV systems support decoding of high-definition MPEG and Windows Media content encoded at resolutions up to 1080p.

Annapolis, MD–Xperinets 2007 product lineup will include significant advancements for customers desiring to store and stream high definition (HD) movie content. Premier among these changes is an increase in video decoding capability that permits HD video in resolutions up to 1080p to be decoded and output via digital link to a flat panel display or projector for the ultimate home theater experience. This performance upgrade provides a future-proof solution for customers concerned about compatibility with new formats.

“Unlike other media systems that are just announcing support for scaling video output to 1080p, Xperinet MIRV can actually decode 1080p content, which requires far more horsepower,” said John Cox, CEO of Xperinet. “What’s more, we’re able to pack that power into a silent case using sophisticated heat pipes that quietly remove heat from the case. No other media client offers this kind of performance in a package that can sit in your bedroom and remain unnoticed.”

Xperinet sees HD decoding as essential for the new wave of downloadable content arriving from Web-based movie services this year, as well as for content on Blue-ray Disc and HD-DVD. Xperinet customers will enjoy these HD movies in full 1080p resolution, unlike other systems that are limited to DVD-quality content that must be scaled to 1080p for viewing on a high-end display. Xperinet plans to release solutions for loading Blu-ray Disc and HD-DVD later this year. Thanks to this performance upgrade, current 2007 models will be able to handle decoding and playback of these new HD formats.

MIRV servers include other significant upgrades for 2007 including:
Increased throughput to support up to 20 HD streams simultaneously, or 35 Standard Definition streams
HD decoding for zone outputs onboard the server
Larger drive sizes to give customers more storage for HD movies
Hot-Swap Drive Bays on all models
RAID-6 disk arrays to provide the industry’s best fault tolerance
Expansion storage capability
HDMI outputs with HDCP

The 2007 model lineup is presently in stock at Xperinet dealers around the globe.

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