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Amplifier Technologies Inc. Shows BGW Amps at CEDIA 2015

Amplifier Technologies, Inc. displayed its latest BGW Immersive Sound amplifiers at the CEDIA Expo.

Amplifier Technologies Inc. (ATI) displayed its latest BGW Immersive Sound amplifiers at CEDIA 2015.

All BGW models use dual-differential balanced circuitry, Thermal-Trak output devices, current feedback, and dual DC Servos, the same basic topology used in the Signature Series ATI amplifiers.

To maximize these amplifiers’ suitability for commercial use, they feature forced-air cooling and clip limiting and can be outfitted for remote telemetry. The status of each channel can be monitored remotely using devices such as an iPad or iPhone.

Each of the six amplifiers in the BGW Immersive Sound series is effectively two complete amps on a single chassis with two line cords, two toroidal transformers, and two power switches. Each amplifier is rated for 3,200 watts RMS total output with 1,600 watts available in each side. In the VXi8.8 model,each side consists of eight 200-watt-per-channel amplifiers, while the VXi4.4 model has four 400-watt RMS amplifiers per side. On the VXi2.2, each side is rated at 800 watts RMSx2.