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A Closer Look at Lithe Audio

More details on the company whose all-in-one speaker solutions turned heads at CEDIA Expo.

Lithe Audio – Amit Ravat
Amit Ravat, co-founder and director at Lithe Audio

Based in the United Kingdom, Lithe Audio is a forward-thinking manufacturer of wireless audio systems for residential and commercial installations. Built on an all-in-one philosophy, our ceiling, surface, and garden speakers feature an amplifier, connectivity, and high-quality components — all packed into one solution. As they only require a power source for installation, our speakers make it simple for integrators to meet their clients’ increasing demands for audio streaming in single rooms, distributed systems, and outdoors, while even enabling the creation of wireless surround-sound home theater systems.

Our first Bluetooth speaker hit the European market five years ago, and since then we’ve been growing our presence internationally while bolstering our product lineup with a range of audio systems that deliver flexibility, scalability, and ease of installation for integrators, while providing their clients with the exceptional audio quality they expect. We’ve now entered the U.S. market, which is one of the largest in the world and essential for our continued growth.

CEDIA Best of Show – Lithe Audio Pro Series Wi-Fi Multiroom Ceiling Speaker
Lithe Audio Pro Series Wi-Fi Multiroom Ceiling Speaker

So, what distinguishes Lithe Audio’s products from others U.S. integrators have at their disposal? After all, there are plenty of other solutions on the market that deliver high-quality audio, and a few that offer either integrated amplifiers or connectivity. But what sets our solutions apart is that they offer all three of these in one high-end speaker. By only requiring power, our wireless audio systems make installing a speaker no more difficult than hooking up a light fixture, while their embedded technologies allow for the simple creation of distributed audio systems, surround sound theaters, and more. They represent a truly unique solution, especially in retrofit installations where running wires can be an issue.

For superb audio quality in any indoor space, U.S. integrators now have access to our in-ceiling speakers, which feature woven glass fiber woofer cones, titanium tweeters, and Class D amplifiers pre-tuned for in-ceiling use, while support for Alexa and OK Google provides convenient voice control. Our Bluetooth 5.0 Ceiling Speaker offers a single-room solution for streaming music in kitchens, bathrooms, and hotel rooms, while the WiFi Multiroom Ceiling Speaker adds built-in support for AirPlay 2 and Chromecast for the creation of distributed audio systems in the home.

At the top of our ceiling speaker line is the Pro Series WiFi Multiroom Ceiling Speaker for residential installations. Winner of a 2020 CEDIA EMEA Award in the Best New Hardware category, the Pro Series offers all the same features as the WiFi speaker, while adding support for full high-resolution audio at 192 kHz, 24 bits; an optical input; and two Ethernet ports — one for a hardwired network connection, and one for daisy-chaining another speaker. For additional functionality, the Pro Series is available with PoE++ and WiSA bolt-on modules. The PoE++ Bolt-On adds PoE capabilities — delivering up to 70W to each speaker — while the WiSA Bolt-On allows integrators to easily incorporate the speaker into wireless Dolby 5.1, Dolby 7.1, and Dolby Atmos surround sound home theater systems. To add extra bass, the 70W WiFi Multiroom Micro Subwoofer — small enough to fit on a bookcase, under a bed, or behind a couch — can be wirelessly connected to our WiFi ceiling speakers.

For areas that require high audio quality but can’t accommodate a traditional ceiling speaker, the new IO1 offers the same technology as our WiFi Multiroom Ceiling Speaker, but can be installed in a number of configurations — including vertically or horizontally on walls, flush-mount in corners, mounted on a yard stake, and more — to meet the needs of any indoor or outdoor space. For audio streaming in outdoor areas all year long, our waterproof, IP56-rated Bluetooth garden rock speaker is designed to withstand the elements while blending in seamlessly with landscaping.

All of our professional-grade solutions allow integrators to differentiate themselves from the competition, add value to their business, and increase profit margins. With multiple power options available, and the ability to start with one speaker and easily scale to a larger system, our ceiling speakers offer the flexibility to accommodate any installation. And with the PoE capability of the Pro Series, integrators don’t have to be qualified electricians to safely install it. All that’s required is cutting a hole in the ceiling and plugging in a Cat cable. After that, they can use our Lithe Audio app to set up and connect the speakers to the wireless network and adjust speaker and subwoofer settings. For additional flexibility, we aren’t locking integrators into a Lithe Audio ecosystem. Our products’ use of Google and Apple protocols means they will work with any other products that support AirPlay 2 or Chromecast.