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Crestron Adds Two New Residential Audio Products to Lineup

New DM NAX 4-Zone Streaming Preamplifier and In-Wall Subwoofer are both native to Crestron Home.

Crestron has launched two new residential audio products, the Ultimate In-Wall Subwoofer, developed in partnership with Origin Acoustics, and the DM NAX 4-Zone Streaming Preamplifier for high-performance Audio-over-IP (AoIP). The Crestron Ultimate In-Wall Subwoofer and the Crestron DM NAX Streaming Pre-Amplifier will both play major roles in filling out Crestron’s increasingly comprehensive suite of residential audio solutions.

Crestron - Ultimate Subwoofer

Crestron Ultimate Subwoofers Made by Origin Acoustics

The Crestron Ultimate In-Wall Subwoofer represents the latest addition to Crestron’s lineup of home audio solutions, joining an existing array of over a dozen architectural and landscape speakers from Crestron. When paired with Crestron speakers from the Ultimate or Reference lines, the new Ultimate In-Wall Subwoofer helps create an immersive sound experience with deep, gratifying bass for demanding multiroom audio settings or home theater applications. Like the other offerings in this line, the Ultimate In-Wall Subwoofer is made with high-quality components as well as paintable grilles for a customizable aesthetic. Installation of each subwoofer is streamlined through an in-wall dogleg mounting system that is optimized to reduce interference with other elements present in the wall space.

The Ultimate Subwoofer pairs natively with DM NAX AoIP technology and Crestron Home ecosystem.

Crestron - DM-NAX-4ZSP

Crestron DM NAX Audio-over-IP Distribution Solution

The newest addition to the DM NAX line is Crestron’s first preamplifier, diversifying the range of choices for homeowners and integrators looking for residential AoIP distribution platforms. Slimmer in form (1RU) but similar in function to the DM NAX Amplifier, the DM NAX 4-Zone Streaming Preamplifier natively integrates with Crestron Home, is interoperable with AES67 and Dante audio networking. It uses hardwired connections, and requires no custom network architecture or hardware, meaning it can be connected to existing amplifiers in retrofit jobs or new builds.

With the flexibility, scalability, and interoperability of DM NAX AoIP, integrators can deliver complete control of the audio environment to users, allowing them to toggle between TV audio, streaming music, podcasts, alarms, doorbells, and even paging and intercom usage to any speaker in the house.

The Ultimate Subwoofer is shipping March 23, while the DM NAX 4-Zone Streaming Preamplifier is available for pre-order.

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