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Denon and Marantz Introduce A 3-Port 8K HDMI Switcher

Adds extra 8K HDMI inputs to existing 8K AV products.

Denon HDMI Switch

Sound United brands Denon and Marantz has introduced a 3-in, 1-out 8K HDMI switcher designed to give owners of compatible Denon and Marantz 8K AVRs the flexibility to easily attach up to three 8K and 4K/120 Hz source devices to their entertainment system.

Denon HTMI Switcher - Rear

The Denon (AVS-3) and Marantz (VS3003) switchers feature a compact form factor for easy placement — no bigger than a Blu-ray case in width and depth, with a brushed aluminum front panel and a small hand-held IR remote to switch inputs. On top of that, the switchers are compatible with HDMI CEC, so they will automatically turn on and off, and switch inputs once HDMI CEC is enabled on all connected HDMI devices including the switcher, AV receiver, TV, and connected 8K source devices. As a bonus, both switchers are also controllable via the AV receiver’s remote control if a user prefers that option over a dedicated IR remote or HDMI CEC.

Integrators and enthusiasts will appreciate that both come with detachable wall-mount brackets and IR repeater capability for rack installations, out-of-sight placement, or AV furniture that may block IR reception.

Compatible AV Receiver and Processor Models from Denon and Marantz

Denon and Maratnz - HDMI Switcher Compatibility


The Denon AVS-3 and Marantz VS3003 HDMI switchers will be available in October 2021 from and, as well as through authorized dealers, for an MSRP of $199.