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C2G Releases USB-C/HDMI 3-Input Combo to HDMI One-Output KVM Switch

Designed for office or work-from-home setups, the switch allows users to switch between three computing devices using a single keyboard, display, and mouse.

C2G has announced its new USB-C/HDMI 3-Input Combo to HDMI 1-Output KVM switch. Users can switch between three computing devices using a single keyboard, display, and mouse, making the KVM switch ideal for accessing multiple devices while freeing up desk space by reducing the number of keyboards, displays, and mice needed.

C2G C2G54541 KVM switch - front

The C2G C2G54541 KVM switch supports a single USB-C-enabled computer, tablet, or phone, as well as two HDMI-enabled computers, streaming players, gaming systems, and set-top boxes, for a total of three devices. Besides sharing a keyboard, display, and mouse, users can also share webcams, printers, USB flash drives, and additional USB hubs. It supports USB-C power delivery up to 100 watts; resolutions up to 4K at 60 Hz; HD digital audio, including DTS HD and Dolby TrueHD; and CEC pass-through over HDMI.

C2G C2G54541 KVM switch - Back

The KVM can be manually controlled by pressing the switch button or by using the auto switch and memory switch functions. When a source device is turned on, the unit automatically detects and switches to that device’s input. The built-in power-off memory function automatically remembers the last connected device.

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