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C2G Adds New HDMI Dongle Adapter Converters

New adapters expand C2G's connectivity versatility and provide more options for the C2G HDMI adapter ring.

C2G  has announced new options in its family of HDMI dongle adapters: the USB-C to USB-A Dongle Adapter ConverterMini HDMI to HDMI Dongle Adapter Converter, and Micro HDMI to HDMI Dongle Adapter Converter. These solutions allow users to connect any device outfitted with a USB-A, Mini HDMI, or Micro HDMI port to an existing HDMI cable for easy connection to a display or projector. The new adapters are also available with eyelets, making them fully compatible with C2G’s HDMI AV Adapter Ring and Universal Retractable 4K HDMI Adapter Ring, and all are available with the optional BioCote antimicrobial coating.

C2G HDMI Dongle

The C2G USB-A to USB-C Dongle Adapter Converter is a convenient solution for connecting USB-C cables, USB-C hubs, or USB-C peripherals to a USB-A female port on a laptop or source device. This adapter can be paired with a USB-A laptop and the Barco ClickShare to enjoy a hybrid meeting space with flexibility for virtual collaboration. The Mini HDMI to HDMI Dongle Adapter allows easy connection of a Mini HDMI port to an HDMI-enabled device. The Micro HDMI to HDMI Dongle Adapter is designed to connect a Micro HDMI port to an HDMI-enabled device. Both the Mini HDMI and Micro HDMI adapters can carry a digital video signal, supporting up to 4K resolution, and meet the requirements for high-performance applications. With these adapters, users can avoid tech frustration by plugging the adapter into the computer, then attaching it to the existing HDMI cable from the monitor or projector. The portable, compact design also makes it easy to carry in a laptop bag when traveling or on the go.

The eyelet models of the new adapters present a modular solution for easily expanding new and existing setups using C2G’s HDMI Adapter Ring and Universal Retractable 4K HDMI Rings. The adapter rings are color-coded, so users can quickly identify the correct adapter. Other adapters include HDMI-to-DisplayPort, Mini DisplayPort, USB-C, VGA, and Lightning dongle adapters. Adapters can be accessed quickly and reached easily with the customizable integrated pull tab. They can be attached directly to an HDMI cable, or, when attached to the retractable mount, the retractor extends up to 4.9 feet, ensuring the adapters are always within reach. Custom adapter configurations are also available.

All the new adapters are also available with the option for BioCote, an antimicrobial protection layer built into the connector surfaces to inhibit the growth of microbes such as bacteria and mold that can cause odors, staining, and material degradation. This technology works to keep the HDMI Dongle Adapter Ring’s connectors clean for longer.

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