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ELAC Unveils Latest Upgrades to the Debut Speaker Line

Key features include an aluminum dome tweeter, aramid fiber woofers, and a new internal speaker bracing system.

ELAC has announced the Debut 3.0 line of home speakers. Building upon the success of previous generations in the Debut Family, this new series incorporates a variety of innovative features, advanced technologies, and refined aesthetics.

ELAC Debut 3.0 speaker line

Key Features of the Debut 3.0 Speakers

  • Aluminum Dome Tweeter: The newly developed aluminum dome tweeter in the ELAC Debut 3.0 speakers significantly enhances audio performance. Renowned for its stiffness and lightness, aluminum allows the tweeter to reproduce high frequencies with clarity and detail. Additionally, the tweeter’s integrated aluminum phase plug provides a controlled dispersion pattern, delivering consistent sound quality throughout the listening environment.
  • Aramid Fiber Woofers: The inclusion of the newly developed aramid fiber woofers in the ELAC Debut 3.0 speakers elevates the overall audio experience. Aramid fiber is strong and rigid, making it an ideal material for woofer construction. This enables precise and impactful bass reproduction, with a high stiffness-to-weight ratio ensuring tight and accurate bass response. The result is punchy and well-defined low frequencies with minimal distortion.
  • Internal Bracing: The internal speaker bracing in the ELAC Debut 3.0 speakers is a critical design feature that enhances audio performance. By reinforcing the speaker cabinet, internal bracing reduces unwanted vibrations that can color and distort sound. This ensures a more accurate reproduction of audio, with sound primarily emitted from the speaker drivers rather than the cabinet itself.
  • Luxury Cosmetics with Magnetically Attached Grilles: The ELAC Debut 3.0 series has undergone a significant cosmetic upgrade, enhancing both visual appeal and functional design. The magnetically attached grilles offer a clean, hardware-free look that integrates seamlessly into any home audio setup. This feature allows for quick removal and attachment of the grilles, catering to those who prefer the look of exposed drivers. The overall aesthetic was further refined with a sleek cabinet finish, contributing to the speakers’ modern and elegant appearance.
  • Less Power Needed: The entire Debut 3.0 lineup requires less power from an amplifier to achieve the same volume level as lower impedance speakers, making them more efficient and compatible with a wider range of amplifiers, including those with lower power ratings. This is particularly advantageous in home audio setups where space or budget constraints limit the choice of amplification.
Model Description Finish Retail Price
DB53-BK Debut 3.0 5-1/4-inch Bookshelf Speakers (Pair) Black Ash $349.98
DB63-BK Debut 3.0 6-1/2-inch Bookshelf Speakers (Pair) Black Ash $449.98
DF53-BK Debut 3.0 3-Way Triple 5-1/4-inch Floorstanding Speaker (Each) Black Ash $449.98
DF63-BK Debut 3.0 3-Way Triple 6-1/2-inch Floorstanding Speaker (Each) Black Ash $499.98
DC53-BK Debut 3.0 Dual 5-1/4-inch Center Speaker (Each) Black Ash $299.98
DC63-BK Debut 3.0 Dual 6-1/2-inch Center Speaker (Each) Black Ash $399.98
DA43-BK Debut 3.0 4-inch Dolby Atmos Enabled/On-Wall Speaker (Pair) Black Ash $499.98

The Debut 3.0 series will be available in the Fall through ELAC’s nationwide network of dealers.

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