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KEF Launches MU7 Wireless Headphones Designed by Ross Lovegrove

The Mu7 headphones integrate enhanced codec technology to deliver KEF’s high-resolution sound quality.

Featuring sound by KEF and design by long-term collaborator Ross Lovegrove, the KEF Mu7 wireless headphones deliver an uncompromising audio experience paired with understated style.

KEF MU7 Wireless Headphones

Renowned for his innovative approach and flowing, sculptural forms, Lovegrove has created an over-ear headphone design that is refined, sleek, and harmonious addition to the wider Ross Lovegrove Collection for KEF. Lovegrove has previously worked alongside the brand to shape the Muon loudspeakers, Muo portable speakers, and Mu3 earphones.

Available in two colors, Silver Grey and Charcoal Grey, the Mu7 headphones present precision-engineered, ergonomic aluminum construction. A lightweight, durable headband delivers a snug acoustic seal with minimal ear pressure. The memory foam ear pads mold to the shape of the head, improving both passive and active noise cancellation and bass response. A swivel point above the ear cups allows the headphones to be rotated and flattened, ideal for compact transport.

A capacitive touchpad on the right ear cup allows users to answer calls, skip tracks, and adjust volume through a series of intuitive taps and swipes. Lovegrove notes that “If you are wearing a particular type of headphones, they are an extension of you. Well, what is the best interface? Your finger. It’s like putting your hand over your ears, there’s this gestural elegance.”

KEF MU7 Wireless Headphones Lifestyle

Custom-tuned by the KEF engineering experts, the Mu7 headphones integrate enhanced codec technology to deliver KEF’s high-resolution sound quality, wirelessly. In each of the closed-back earcups sits a full-range dynamic driver for a pristine audio performance that reveals even the most subtle acoustic details.

Sophisticated Smart Active Noise Cancellation technology uses multiple filters to capture environmental sound before applying a specialized algorithm to target individual frequencies. For hands-free phone calls, Clear Voice Capture (cVc) isolates the voice of the speaker and minimizes all other noise picked up by the microphone, ensuring crystal-clear calls regardless of the environment.

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