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Klipsch Collaborates With Onkyo for the Flexus Sound System

The system includes the Flexus Core 100 and Core 200 soundbar models, the Flexus Surr 100 wireless surround speakers, and the Flexus Sub 100 wireless subwoofer.

Klipsch has launched the Klipsch Flexus Sound System – Powered by Onkyo. Previewed at CES 2024, the system includes the Flexus Core 100 and Core 200 soundbar models, the Flexus Surr 100 wireless surround speakers, and the Flexus Sub 100 wireless subwoofer.

Klipsch Flexus Sound System

The Flexus Sound System features an all-new electronics package to ensure absolute reliability. Each product undergoes over 1000 points of rigorous testing developed and performed by Klipsch’s and Onkyo’s combined research and development teams.

Flexus Core 100 Soundbar

The entry model 2.1-channel soundbar incorporates Dolby Atmos decoding and a full range of inputs, including HDMI eARC, optical, USB-C, and the latest Bluetooth wireless connectivity. The new Klipsch Connect Plus app for iOS and Android devices provides one-tap access to input selection, EQ presets, firmware and feature updates, and more. At a diminutive 28 inches, this soundbar punches above its weight, thanks to high-efficiency 2.25-inch aluminum drivers and dual 4-inch built-in subwoofers. 

Flexus Core 200 Soundbar

This 3.1.2-channel sound bar incorporates all the features of the Core 100, and more. The 44-inch Core 200 engages listeners in an immersive Dolby Atmos experience with two 2.25-inch elevation drivers, four front-firing 2.25-inch aluminum drivers tuned by Klipsch acousticians, and dual 4-inch built-in subwoofers. For enhanced vocal intelligibility and clear dialog at any volume, the Core 200 features Klipsch horn-loading technology for the dedicated center-channel tweeter.

While both the Flexus Core 100 and Core 200 soundbars offer rich, full-range sound for music and movies when used on their own, Klipsch designed the Flexus system for modular expansion, with an upgrade path including optional surround speakers and subwoofers.

Flexus Surr 100 Wireless Surround Speakers

The Flexus Surr 100 wireless surround speakers, each with 3-inch full-range drivers, include flexible placement and wall-mounting options to create an authentic multichannel surround-sound experience. Simplifying setup and ease, each Flexus surround speaker independently plugs into a wall outlet, with no other wires or cables required between the speakers.

Flexus Sub 100 Wireless Subwoofer

The Flexus Sub 100 wireless subwoofer delivers powerful bass with plenty of depth thanks to its high-excursion paper-cone woofer, without sacrificing the low latency and musicality typical of larger subwoofers. Its compact, sealed design allows the Flexus Sub 100 to fit in tight spaces. The Flexus Core models accommodate the pairing of two subwoofers, for larger rooms and epic bass.

Klipsch’s Transport technology makes setting up and connecting the Flexus family of products across multiple channels easy with the pre-paired USB transmitter, included with Flexus surrounds and Flexus subwoofers, allowing the Flexus Core models to connect and expand the system by eliminating complex configuration steps.

All models feature rounded vertical edges for a softer, subtler appearance. The soundbars offer wood grain-textured top panels accented by metal grilles covering the upfiring drivers and cloth-wrapped front and sides.

The Flexus Sound System is now available from authorized US retail partners and

  • Flexus Core 100 MSRP……$349 USD
  • Flexus Core 200 MSRP……$499 USD
  • Flexus Surr 100 MSRP…….$249 USD
  • Flexus Sub 100 MSRP……..$299 USD

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