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Meridian Launches DSP8000 Performance Pack

Allows any existing DSP8000 loudspeaker to be upgraded to an extremely high specification.

Meridian has announced the launch of the DSP8000 Performance Pack, a new upgrade kit that allows integrators to reconnect with previous customers and upsell them to a system that achieves a significant step-up in performance for their original DSP8000 loudspeakers.

Meridian DSP8000 Performance Pack benefits

The DSP8000 Performance Pack — which is the second product to emerge from Meridian’s Extreme Engineering Program — allows any existing DSP8000 loudspeaker to be upgraded to an extremely high specification that delivers outstanding detail, dynamics, and fidelity, according to the company.

The upgrade pack can be used with all model versions — DSP8000SE, DSP8000.2, DSP8000 Anniversary Edition, and DSP8000.

Meridian DSP8000 speaker

The Performance Pack offers significant sound quality and performance:

  • Enhanced playback resolution of the finest details
  • Pinpoint and stable imaging of sound in the playback space
  • Even more natural reproduction of the recording venue ambience and the attack and decay of instruments
  • Improvements to vocal transparency giving a “live” sounding performance
  • Greater dynamics

Joakim Sand, sales manager at Audio 7 who recently purchased the Performance Pack, says, “The upgrade was very simple and straightforward. We were playing music about an hour after first arriving, and the difference in performance was mind-blowing. Technically, the speakers now sound more open, with higher resolution across lows, mids, and highs. Musically, everything became more engaging and there was just a lot more precision in the presentation. The upgrade made the listening experience more emotional and involving.

The DSP8000 Performance Pack is now shipping.

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