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Pangea Audio Debuts Premier XL Phono Cable

Features multi-gauge connector design and PE air insulation.

Pangea Audio has rolled out the latest addition to its flagship XL cable series. The Premier XL Phono Cable (SRP: $199.95) was developed by designer Jay Victor and includes a multi-gauge conductor design that is proven to produce demonstrably better sound than traditional cable construction.

Pangea Audio Premier XL Phono Cable

Unlike many similarly priced phono cables, the Premier XL Phono Cable features signal and return conductors that are insulated with PE air tubes. This process is more difficult than standard PE insulation in that the cable must be processed more slowly to prevent the air tube from collapsing during this process.

Victor brought his 40 years of experience to the new model, which incorporates a multi-gauge conductor design that, when blended with Cardas Grade One Copper Conductors and other premium ingredients, results in cables that offer a price-to-performance ratio that is typically unheard of in the audiophile market.

All models in Pangea Audio’s Premier XL cable series feature three layers of shielding from RFI and EMI noise. These layers consist of a silver-plated copper braided shield, an aluminum/mylar foil shield, and a carbon-filled PE shield, which provides an additional layer of shielding for an even quieter cable without compromising cable flexibility.

The RCA connectors used with the Premier XL Phono Cable are Prime 750, known for a special ultra-low mass design that takes advantage of the benefits of exotic metals while avoiding technical problems like eddy currents that represent a loss of power.

Prime 750 connectors have ultra-low-mass, hollow, direct-gold plated Tellurium Copper center pin, and ultra-low-mass direct-gold plated beryllium copper spring-type ground contacts. Instead of a heavier metal ring, Prime 750 uses an advanced polymer insulator to hold the connector together  —  further reducing the amount of metal required in the connector. Like the Premier SE phono cable, the Premier XL has an integrated ground conductor.

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