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Clarus Debuts Audiophile Phono and Power Cables

New cables isolate real-world noise and external factors that negatively impact music playback.

Gordon J. Technologies Inc., parent company of Clarus high-fidelity audio cable, power conditioners, and digital-to-analog convertors, and its sister company, Tributaries A/V Cables, have announced a series of new, high end audiophile AC Power and turntable cables.

Clarus Crimson Cable Family

Clarus Crimson and Aqua AC Power Cables

The new Clarus Crimson and Aqua power cable designs employ heavy multi-gauge, individually insulated PCCC conductors geometrically arranged in alternating lays and twists to cancel out high-frequency noise residing on the AC line thus reducing distortion. This helps to protect the power cable from extraneous noise generated by the ingress of Radio Frequency Interference (RFI). Clarus Cables’ Crimson and Aqua power cable’s conductors are surrounded by heavy shielding consisting of an aluminum foil wrap and a 90 percent silver-plated copper braided shield.

The Clarus Mark II power cable design features new proprietary connectors and termination processes. The Mark II Clarus AC power connector contacts and termination pins are specifically made with C1100 pure copper that has superior electrical and thermal conductivity. During the termination process, the cable’s multi-layered shield is connected to the source connector (NEMA 5-15P) end only thus sending noise to the ground.

Shielding the signal doesn’t stop at the cable: the Clarus Mark II connector housing is wrapped in a brass shell that is covered in light-weight carbon fiber and sealed with an aluminum collar to further protect from noise getting into the signal path. Termination of the line, neutral, and ground wires to the connector contacts involves first preparing the power cable wires by stripping the PE insulation, maintaining the original twist in the conductor and dipping in a high temperature solder pot.

Clarus Mark II power cables are terminated with proprietary Nema 5-15P male US Type B and female IEC C15 connectors. Since IEC receptacles are notorious for accidental disconnection, Clarus solves this problem with a proprietary high-retention C15 connector.

At the molded end of the IEC C15 there is a raised collar. Insert the plug into an IEC receptacle and, when a “click” is felt, the plug is seated securely for a tight fit and reliable connection.

Suggested retail prices of 6-foot AC power cables:

  • $1110 Clarus Aqua Source Power Cable
  • $2220 Clarus Crimson Source Power Cable
  • $1500 Clarus Aqua High-Current Power Cable
  • $3000 Clarus Crimson High-Current Power Cable

Crimson and Aqua Phono Cables

Clarus Aqua and Crimson Phono Cables are a combination of a single-ended pair with a 14AWG silver-plated PCCC Ground Cable. Aqua’s double shielding and Crimson’s triple shielding protects the delicate phono signal. The Ground Cable provides a solid ground connection, ensuring the turntable’s mechanical system is at the same grounding potential as the phono stage component thus preventing a dreaded 60Hz hum. Clarus Phono Cables provide a clean, low-noise musical signal.

Suggested retail prices:

  • Clarus Crimson Phono Cable 1m: $1845
  • Clarus Crimson Phono Cable 2m: $2265
  • Clarus Aqua Phono Cable 1m: $975
  • Clarus Aqua Phono Cable 2m: $1185

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