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McIntosh Debuts New Power Amp That Can Deliver 2000 Watts

Company kicks off its 75th anniversary with the new, three-module MC2.1KW monoblock power amplifier.

McIntosh begins celebrating its 75th anniversary with the launch of its new MC2.1KW monoblock power amplifier, one of the brand’s most powerful amplifiers to date. The tri-chassis marvel possesses the ability to deliver an astonishing 2000 watts of pristine power, offering a best-in-class user experience and setting a new industry standard for power and amplification.

McIntosh MC2.1KW Monoblock Power AMplifier

To commemorate its milestone anniversary, the first 75 pairs of MC2.1KW sold in 2024 to each country McIntosh is distributed in will include special anniversary badging with “75 Years” engraved in the handles and a special medallion with its 75th logo on top, establishing these models as a true collector’s items for McIntosh enthusiasts.

Leveraging three separate modules — one Output Module that houses McIntosh’s bi-filar wound Autoformer and two Power Modules that each contain a 1000-watt amplifier, the MC2.1KW’s artful engineering delivers unmatched sound quality. Thanks to the brand’s Autoformer and its ability to output full power at three separate impedances, the full 2000 watts of power can be delivered into a speaker no matter if its impedance is 2, 4 or 8 ohms. It is ideally suited for audio systems that have power-hungry loudspeakers, systems located in extremely large rooms, or for audio enthusiasts who simply demand the latest and best in state-of-the-art home audio amplification.

McIntosh MC2.1KW Power Amp - Back

The following four existing McIntosh products will also be available in 2024 with optional anniversary badging: MC1.25KW amplifier, C12000 preamplifier, MA12000 integrated amplifier, and MCD12000 SACD/CD Player. The anniversary version of the C12000 will be limited to just 75 units per country.

The MC2.1KW will be available through authorized McIntosh dealers beginning in February 2024 and retail for $50,000. For an exclusive demonstration, visit the House of Sound in New York City or the McIntosh factory in Binghamton, N.Y.

The Look

Crafted with stainless steel chassis polished to a gleaming mirrored finish and immaculate metal casework, the MC2.1KW is a visual masterpiece with black glass front panels, illuminated logos, rotary knobs, aluminum handles, and a responsive blue watt meter.

The Technology

Following the MC2KW’s introduction in 2005, the next-generation MC2.1KW offers many sonic upgrades. Chief among them are substantially larger filter capacitors that improve the performance of low-end frequencies, as well as significantly improving dynamic headroom. There are patented Solid Cinch speaker binding posts for 2 ohms, 4 ohms, and 8 ohms, with the connectors for each impedance rating located on a separate platform on the back of the Output Module. Each output platform also has three sets of identical binding posts to facilitate bi- or tri-wiring the loudspeaker.

McIntosh MC2.1KW Power Amp - Power Module

Four McIntosh Monogrammed Heatsinks are found on each Power Module, which maintain efficient heat dissipation and ensure consistent audio quality from the first note to the last. In addition, the dual sets of balanced and unbalanced inputs on the MC2.1KW provide added system flexibility, providing listeners with the ability to connect to more than one preamplifier and switch between vacuum tube and solid state signals.

Other upgrades include enhanced circuit designs with modern components and shorter signal paths; updated electrical wiring; bayonet IP68 rated interconnect cables that connect the three modules together; and direct LED front panel lighting. Exclusive McIntosh technologies and features also include Power Guard, Sentry Monitor, Quad Balanced Design, and Power Control.

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