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Pangea Audio Introduces Premier SE Optical Cable

Company claims that the cable’s multi-core Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) maximizes integrity of digital signal.

Pangea Audio’s Premier SE Optical Cable features a multi-core Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) that overcomes the “scattering effect” of light waves that are typical of single-core cables. This anomaly often leads the digital signal to zigzag off the cladding, or “skin” of common mass market cables, resulting in overall inferior sonics.

As a step-up cable designed by and for audiophiles, the Pangea Premier SE Optical Cable features a polished termination that includes a fine grit abrasive material that in turn results in an optically transparent end. The finely polished, optically transparent end provides better termination with a bare minimum of loss when compared to the hot plate method employed on cut-rate products, according to the company.

Similar to Pangea Audio Distributing’s other cables, the new optical cable was created by Jay Victor, a product designer specializing in all manner of audio hardware, headphones, cables, and accessories.

The Pangea Audio Premier SE Optical Cable is available in five lengths: 0.6 meter ($49.95), 1 meter ($59.95), 1.5 meters ($74.95), 2 meters ($89.95), and 3 meters ($119.95).

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