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SVS Releases Its First In-Wall Subwoofer

The 3000 In-Wall subwoofer offers 800-watt RMS, 2500-watt peak power and is offered in single or dual systems.

SVS has introduced the new 3000 In-Wall subwoofer, its first offering in the architectural subwoofer category.

SVS 3000 In-Wall Subwoofer - Dual System

Generating massive sound pressure levels with accuracy and control are a pair of custom designed high-excursion 9-inch drivers built into a sealed aluminum and MDF cabinet that fits discreetly in the stud bay. Oversized motor design, custom-tooled basket, and rigid yet lightweight aluminum cones on the pair of active drivers are optimized for maximum acoustic output and thermal efficiency from a compact enclosure.

SVS designed a unique version of its Sledge amplifier platform for this application. Conservatively rated at 800 watts RMS, 2500 watts peak power, the amplifier combines the high-current output of discrete MOSFETs with Class D efficiency and the processing power of a 50 MHz Analog Devices DSP. The 3000 Micro subwoofer’s amplifier produces sustained high-current output for the most difficult low-frequency playback without clipping or bottoming out.

The 2U rack mount amplifier also provides integrators with unprecedented versatility. For most clients, a single amplifier can be set up to output the full 800 watts to a single subwoofer. For those seeking a truly over-the-top low-frequency experience or looking to fill a large listening area, a single amplifier can also be configured to supply 400 watts to a dual-subwoofer array. The 3000 In-Wall subwoofer can be tuned and controlled via the amplifier’s front panel interface with its LED display feedback, or the SVS subwoofer control and DSP smartphone app.

Harnessing the power of the Sledge amplifier is a 50 MHz Analog Devices Audio DSP with 56-bit filtering. The abundant processing power maintains pristine sound quality that is faithful to the source material through advanced in-room tuning, optimized frequency response curves, powerful DSP controls, and more.

The 3000 In-Wall also features convenient control and custom presets via the SVS subwoofer DSP smartphone app for Apple, Android, and Amazon devices. The SVS subwoofer app allows installers to set and control volume, adjust crossover frequencies, set the three-band parametric EQ, polarity, room gain, and more, all from the listening position. Bi-directional feedback shows the adjustments in real time on both the app and the front-panel amplifier interface.

Integrators can also program custom presets optimized for music, movies, gaming, and more for one-touch selection between listening modes. Multiple standby and wake-up modes allow for seamless integration into a wider AV system. Bluetooth connectivity allows full control, even when the subwoofer is out of sight.

Aircraft-grade aluminum panels were custom formed into rigid 2.5mm thick front and rear baffles around an MDF frame to create an unyielding, sonically inert enclosure for the drivers. Extensive front to back bracing eliminates any potential cabinet resonances even at extreme playback levels. A detachable magnetic grille is acoustically transparent and paintable for seamless blending into any home environment.

Installation of the 3000 In-Wall is simple for both retrofit and new construction. A template is provided for precise cutout of the mounting hole, and the sealed-box design allows for fast installation using dog-leg clamps attached to standard 16-inch on center studs. When installation is directly up against a stud, the enclosure uses screw holes for direct mounting. An optional pre-construction kit with template is available for new construction. Once installed, the resonance-free enclosure ensures pristine low frequency output with vanishingly low distortion.

The SVS 3000 In-Wall subwoofer is available now from authorized SVS dealers. MSRP is $1999 for a single-subwoofer system and $2999 for a dual-subwoofer system.

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