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Tech Showcase: The Latest in Architectural Speakers

As home theater upgrades continue to surge, in-wall and in-ceiling speakers have been in demand. Here are the most recent entries to the market.

As home theater upgrades continue to surge, in-wall and in-ceiling speakers have been in demand. Here are the most recent entries to the market.

Grimani Systems Rixos-H

Grimani Systems Rixos-H

The Grimani Systems Rixos-H is a speaker with horizontal form factor that incorporates the proprietary wide dispersion CSA waveguide. Main applications are horizontal center speaker below or above direct view displays and any placement that has size limitations. Featuring high-quality dynamics and finesse, wide dispersion, and no off-axis cancellation lobes, Rixos-H is an active tri-amplified center speaker with integrated digital signal processing and room correction EQ. Calibration, diagnostics, and 24/7 monitoring are all managed over IP networking. Rixos-H width dimension can be ordered from 34 to 75 inches and beyond, and can be custom-matched to the direct view display. At 4 inches deep, Rixos-H can be installed either in wall or surface mounted. It includes dual 6.5-inch woofers and 1-inch dome in CSA waveguide (units shorter than 57 inches are single woofer), as well as a 300-watt rack amplifier.

Artison architectural speaker

Artison RCC160 MKII Architectural Subwoofers

Artison, a Savant company, has unveiled two new models of next generation Reactance Cancelling Configuration (RCC) architectural subwoofers. The RCC160 MKII’s square and round grilles are 4.65 inches in diameter and are a perfect match for Savant’s Micro Aperture speaker family, as well as USAI Lighting Recess 4.5 fixtures. Also included, the rectangular grille is designed to blend in with in-ceiling HVAC registers when applicable. Each RCC160 MKII aluminum enclosure features two 4-inch by 6-inch drivers generating the approximate surface area of an 8-inch circular woofer.

Crestron - Origin a Acoustic architectural speaker

Crestron Speakers Made by Origin Acoustics

The new line of Crestron Speakers made by Origin Acoustics fall within two distinct performance tiers: Reference and Ultimate. Speakers from the baseline-level Reference tier, made up of in-ceiling, in-wall, and landscape models, feature Origin’s patented silk tweeters and glass fiber drivers designed to produce very low distortion. Speakers from the luxury Ultimate tier, made up of in-ceiling, in-wall, marine-grade, and landscape models, feature carbon-fiber components and ceramic-coated aluminum tweeters.

dARTS architectural speaker

dARTS CI140D Angled Ceiling Speaker

The dARTS CI140D angled ceiling speaker allows the integrator to install the ceiling-mounted front channel speakers while still providing the quality of sound necessary to meet dARTS requirements. The 45-degree angled baffle fills the listening area with direct sound. Low frequencies are augmented with the company’s  hybrid enclosure design, which produces twice the bass compared to speakers using conventional enclosures, according to the company. With two 5.25-inch RPF flat-piston Fiberglas/Kevlar composite woofers and a 1.125-inch soft dome tweeter, the CI140D delivers accurate performance with the high output needed for home theater formats. Additionally, the patented Positive Clamping System ensures rigid, non-resonant system mounting.

SnapAV architectural speaker

Episode Impression Series

The Episode Impression Series satellite speaker and bandpass subwoofer offer 4-inch satellite speakers and a 6.5-inch bandpass subwoofer to deliver lifelike audio using Episode’s three core scientific principles: low distortion, wide dispersion, and flat-frequency response. Episode’s bezelless grilles are available in multiple colors and shapes to match any aesthetic. Available in 2.1, 4.1, custom-sized kits, and individual SKUs, the Impression Series offers numerous configurations to fit the specific needs of any customer.

GGNTKT architectural speaker


German speaker manufacturer GGNTKT (pronounced “Gegentakt”) has announced the launch the Model S1, a self-powered loudspeaker system. Model S1 is a high output and self-powered 2-way custom installation system for front/LCR and surround channels of small to medium-sized home theaters. The sculpted dispersion pattern and flush in-wall installation ensures consistent coverage throughout the room. In the high frequency range, a 6.9-inch (175 mm) air-motion-transformer (AMT) driver operates as a vertical line source in a compression chamber, connected to a computer-optimized and CNC-milled waveguide. In the low frequency range, two 6-inch (155 mm) long-excursion midwoofers are mounted in a closed cabinet. Due to their tight vertical arrangement, directivity is extended toward lower frequencies while preventing acoustical interference. With peak level capabilities of up to 120 dB, both drivers’ setups provide uncompressed reproduction and meet the extended headroom requirements of multichannel sound formats, such as Dolby Atmos, even at listening distances of over 16 feet (5 m).

JBL Synthesis architectural speaker

JBL Synthesis SCL-6 and SCL-7 In-Wall Speakers

JBL Synthesis recently released the SCL-6 and SCL-7 in-wall loudspeakers. The 2.5-way SCL-6 in-wall loudspeaker is a narrow footprint design with an on-axis horn suitable for LCR applications in small-to-medium systems or lower-level surround positions in larger systems. The SCL-6 features a patented 1-inch 2410H-2 compression driver tweeter, mated to a JBL patented High-Definition Imaging (HDI) horn assembly and complemented with four 5.25-inch (130mm) black Advanced Aluminum Matrix cone, cast frame woofers.

The 2-way SCL-7 in-wall loudspeaker system is designed for off-axis listening as LCR, width, and surround channels. The SCL-7 features the 1-inch 2410H-2 compression driver tweeter, and patented HDI horn assembly, complemented with dual 5.25-inch (130mm) black Advanced Aluminum Matrix cones.

Klipsch architectural speaker

Klipsch Real Custom Cinema

Klipsch’s Real Custom Cinema speaker systems are designed to fit most medium-to-large dedicated home theater or media rooms for placement behind an acoustically transparent screen in 16:9 or widescreen formats. At 20.25 inches deep, each modular bundle includes highly efficient horn-loaded left, center, and right channel speakers with either 3-inch or 1.75-inch compression drivers, depending on the system, and 15-inch woofers, and two 18-inch subwoofers. The Klipsch Real Custom Cinema behind-the-screen speakers are designed and handcrafted in Hope, AR.

Meridian architectural speaker

Meridian Audio DSP730

The Meridian Audio DSP730 in-wall digital active loudspeaker is designed to deliver hi-res audio in small- and medium-sized rooms. The DSP730 provides a maximum output of 115 dB at 1m and bass extension down to 38 Hz. According to Meridian, the drive units have been selected to deliver superb off-axis performance, providing wide dispersion for a huge sweet spot and optimal coverage of listening positions. The DSP730 features a custom beryllium tweeter that is capable of playing hi-res audio over 40 kHz. The 100mm midrange driver delivers clear dialog, while the 160mm bass driver produces deep bass frequencies. The three drive units unleash the full potential of the hi-res amplifiers and the Class-M DSP engine, which provides thermal and dynamic bass protection for detailed and accurate sound.

Origian Acoustics architectural speaker

Origin Acoustics D101 and D103DT

Using Origin Acoustics’ mounting system structure, the new 10-inch D101 and D103DT speakers appear on the ceiling as if only containing a smaller 8-inch woofer. The larger woofer takes advantage of high ceilings and extended frequencies to produce more powerful lows. The D101 is a two-way loudspeaker with a 1-inch silk-dome tweeter and 10-inch polypropylene/butyl-rubber woofer. The D103DT features a dual aluminum tweeter configuration, specifically for a stereo signal, and an injection-molded graphite woofer. Each locks securely into place using the same bayonet ring system and hides behind the micro-perforated magnetic grille used with the entire Director Collection series.

Theory architectural speaker

Theory Audio Design iw25 In-Wall Speaker

The Theory Audio Design iw25 high-performance in-wall loudspeaker has a 1.4-inch advanced polymer compression driver and dual 5-inch carbon fiber woofers that provide 117 dB of output. In distributed systems, the iw25 can scale to foreground music levels for parties or gaming systems. For the largest distributed installs, the iw25 includes a switch-selectable 70V/100v transformer that can be driven direct by Theory’s forthcoming ALM 10-channel Dante/AES67-enabled loudspeaker controllers. The iw25 can also be used outdoors with an available all-weather optional grille.