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Theory Introduces 3 New DLC Loudspeaker Controllers

The new amplifier platform features a cohesive cosmetic refresh, Dante network audio with AES67 compatibility, and an 8-channel model.

Theory Audio Design has announced an all new DLC-distributed loudspeaker controller platform, including three models — DLC-250.4d, DLC-1500.4d, and DLC-250.8. Designed for residential or commercial installations, the new models offer between 4 and 8 channels of intelligent power, full DSP matrix, and TCP/IP control through a wired connection or directly via its on-board Wi-Fi access point. Two of the three models, the DLC-250.4d and DLC-1500.4d, also add Dante and AES67 audio-over-IP digital I/O compatibility.

Theory Audio Design has announced an all new DLC-distributed loudspeaker controller platform, including three models — DLC-250.4d, DLC-1500.4d, and DLC-250.8.

The small but mighty DLC-250.4d 4-channel loudspeaker controller is designed to be at the core of every Theory distributed audio system. With channel-pair power sharing of up to 250 watts, each DLC-250.4d offers the flexibility to power any system size. The half-RU DLC-250.4d ships with a rack kit to allow mounting of one or two units in a single rack space. An optional surface mount kit is also available if hiding the DLC-250.4d under a table or behind a TV is desired.

The DLC-250.8 is ideal for surround and distributed audio systems where Dante and AES67 are not required but when more channels per chassis is desired. DLC-250.8 offers the same power per channel and power sharing capabilities as the DLC-250.4d with four additional channels (for a total of eight channels) in a 1U chassis.

 The DLC-1500.4d 4-channel distributed loudspeaker controller packs massive power into minimal rack space, offering 3000 watts from a 16-pound, 2U chassis. Designed for high-output Theory distributed or surround audio systems, the DLC-1500.4d can deliver 1500 watts into 4 or 8 ohms from any channel pair, or 800 watts into 2 or 4 ohms with all channels driven.

“The new generation of Theory DLC loudspeaker controllers offer all the advantages of their predecessors with the addition of audio over IP, an entirely new 8-channel model, and a cohesive new industrial design across the line,” says Paul Hales, CEO and product designer for Theory Audio Design. “Now with Dante and AES67 compatibility, even the most complex Theory distributed audio systems can be set up and deployed quickly and painlessly with no bulky analog audio cables required. And the system is bulletproof, so when the job is complete the installer can move on without concerns about support calls or truck rolls.”

In hotels, education facilities, and corporate environments where there are multiple rooms of varying sizes, the DLC models offer complete flexibility in terms of available power. The S/PDIF master/slave functionality allows multiple DLCs to be used to cover all these needs and each loudspeaker controller only takes up two rack spaces maximum. House of Worship requires reliable, high-quality amplification of voice, while also covering a large distribution area with many specialized speakers. The DLC loudspeaker controllers are up for the challenge, providing high-quality amplification and superior speech intelligibility throughout large spaces.

For home cinema and surround sound systems, a single DLC-250.4d is perfect for 3.1 systems (or more when multiple amplifiers are used), a single DLC-250.8 can handle 7.1 systems, and the larger more powerful DLC-1500.4d can handle large screen and professional loudspeakers and subwoofers without hesitation. The DLC platform is safety and EMC certified and compliant to ErP and EnergySTAR.

The new generation of DLC loudspeaker controllers is available now.

To see and hear the new generation of DLC loudspeaker controllers, visit InfoComm 2024 Booth: C-9901 and Audio Demo Room: N118.

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