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Vincent Audio Introduces SV-200 Integrated Hybrid Amplifier

Combines analog and digital inputs with a compact footprint.

Vincent Audio is now shipping a new hybrid integrated amplifier, the SV-200 (SRP: $799.95), with a compact footprint. Standing at 8.25 inches W x 3.75 inches H x 12.75 inches D, the SV 200, which is available in black or silver, features two 6N1 vacuum tubes in the input stage to complement its digital inputs and built-in DAC (digital-to-analog converter).

Vincent Audio’s SV-200 integrated amplifier’s hybrid design offers the best of rich, natural-sounding audio associated with vacuum tubes while providing the power and control of solid-state electronics. The SV-200 is up to date with a DAC that handles the latest high-resolution streaming formats, including WAV, FLAC, AIFF, APE, and more.

On a par with the on-board analog and digital circuitry is a power supply that features Elco capacitors for buffering to keep the electrical current clean and noise-free.

Inputs on the SV-200 include two analog and two digital (1 x optical, 1 x coaxial). A recorder output and preamp output give users the option to connect the integrated amplifier to a recording device and a power amp or subwoofer.

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