AudioControl Now Shipping The Director M6400 Matrix-Amp

AudioControl Now Shipping M6400 DSP Controlled Matrix-Amplifier
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AudioControl has begun shipping The Director Model M6400, their new matrixing amplifier with DSP control.

The Director Model M6400, part of AudioControl’s new Matrix M-Series, drives 16 channels of amplification in a 2U chassis that delivers 65 watts per channel at eight Ohms, 100 watts per channel at four Ohms, and 175 watts at eight Ohms bridged, all channels driven. The M6400 features on-board digital signal processing (DSP), graphic and parametric equalization by zone, network monitoring, volume control, channel/zone grouping, and zone audio presets. It also allows individual channel and zone selection via standard TCIP, and the ability to bridge into low impedances.

The matrixing capabilities of the Director M series allow any of eight analog or two digital inputs to be routed to any amplified zone output. The M6400 includes two digital SPDIF inputs plus two SPDIF outputs that are included in the matrixing so that any one of the input sources can be routed through the digital outputs. These digital outputs can be connected to Director M series digital inputs so that multiple amplifiers can receive any signal from any inputs from any of the amplifiers. The Director Model M6400 has the benefit of operating either as a standalone matrix-amplifier or as part of a third-party control system from another company including Crestron, Savant or Control 4.