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Loxone Updates Touch Pure; Introduces Presence Sensor

Designed to assist in aging-in-place situations.

With the goal of improving lifestyles for all ages, the recently updated Touch Pure and new Presence Sensor by Loxone lay the foundation for automation with intuitive control, especially in Ambient Assisted Living (AAL).

Forming the basis of automation, the Presence Sensor detects motion, brightness, and sound in order to trigger controls carried out by other components for lighting, audio, HVAC, security, and more. Available in wired technology (wireless Presence Sensor Air will be available in late 2020), it can be mounted to a ceiling or wall.

Loxone Presence Sensor

Beyond automation, the Touch Pure is a simple control switch with a smooth glass surface. It contains clear, predefined Touch points that allow you to change lighting, shading, music, and more with just a tap. Points can be uniquely defined to fit residents’ needs, such as an Emergency Call Button so help can be reached. The product also contains a built-in orientation light as well as temperature and humidity sensors that constantly monitor room climate.

As a core belief behind Loxone, true automation should take care of everyday tasks for residents. This gives them back more time and independence while aging in place. There’s no need to worry about switching off a light, remembering if a window is closed or even forgetting to turn off a stove. All functions can be viewed and managed in the Loxone App.

Loxone Touch Pure

With a wide range of sensors and components that work together, the system can monitor for security measures such as a fall, water leak, or any potential danger. For example, Presence Sensors can pick up on a change in routine if no presence is detected at a specific area and time, such as making coffee in the morning. So if a fall occurs before making coffee, an alarm will become activated. If the resident does not disarm it, the notification will immediately be sent to defined contacts to take further action.

Or when the resident leaves the home, a triple-tap of the Touch Pure activates an Away Mode – lights off, power consumers off, alarm activated. If the Presence Sensor detects something amiss, a notification will be sent to the resident’s and/or caregiver’s smartphone. In case of an intruder, the home will begin flashing lights and blasting an alarm. This all-around functionality creates a new sense of security, especially in AAL when a caregiver cannot be present.

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