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PoEWit Expands Integration With URC

Users can control and manage PoEWit lighting alongside other smart home solutions using a URC control panel.

PoEWit Technologies and URC have introduced a next-generation integration. Now, in addition to controlling PoEWit’s PoE lighting via the free PoEWit app, users can additionally control and manage PoEWit lighting alongside other smart home solutions using a URC control panel. PoEWit’s standalone PoE motion sensors can now also be used to trigger other smart home devices that are controlled by URC.

PoEWit and URC Integration

“It’s incredibly easy to retrofit PoEWit’s PoE lighting and motion sensors into any home that has a URC system by simply connecting the PoEWit device to a PoE switch or power injector. Once installed, PoEWit’s lighting can be controlled by the URC system, and PoEWit’s motion sensors can integrate with other URC-controlled smart devices for a seamless home automation experience,” says Dusan Jankov, Co-CEO of PoEWit.

Key benefits include:

  • Simplified Automation – Fast control and automation of PoEWit’s  PoE lighting solutions via URC’s Total Control system.
  • Unified, Seamless Integration – As part of URC’s Unified Modules, PoEWit’s lighting and motion sensors integrate seamlessly with other smart categories, such as climate zones, security, audio, video, and more.
  • Create Robust, Lifestyle Scenes – With professional programming, users can launch scenes that create the perfect environment, such as “Good Morning” or “Goodnight” scenes that adjust PoEWit lighting as well as climate, shades/drapes, and more.
  • Voice/Hands-Free Control – URC’s voice commands through Alexa, Apple TV, and Comcast Xfinity allow two-way communication with PoEWit lighting and other smart devices for simple, hands-free operation.

“Delivering next-generation, unified experiences for homeowners and simplified deployments for our dealers are the strategic imperatives behind this integration with PoEWit Technologies,” states Lars Granoe, URC’s vice president, product development. “It adds to our industry-leading integration portfolio enabling broad, simplified automation.”

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